Soulmate Separation – When to Wait or Move On?

Soulmates share a deep, unique bond that allows them to help each other in their spiritual journey. Most might assume that a soulmate relationship lasts forever. Although that can be true, there are cases in which soulmates go their separate ways.

Soulmate separation can be due to wrong timings, misunderstandings, or karmic lessons, which can cause a great deal of anxiety. Soulmates can reunite, however. The next step is to understand what caused the soulmate separation, what it entails in your spiritual journey, and learn when to wait or move on.

Nothing is coincidental regardless of whether soulmates separate or reunite. Suffice it to say, everything happens for a reason, especially when it comes to soulmate relationships.

Reasons Why Soulmates Separate

Meeting at the Wrong Time

soulmates meeting

One of the most common reasons why soulmates separate is meeting at the wrong time. As stated previously, the purpose of the soulmate connection is to help you in your spiritual growth and development.

Before anything else, it’s significant to note that you can have more than one soulmate. To be more precise, you’ll meet many in your lifetime. Moreover, soulmate connections aren’t necessarily romantic by nature.

There are many different types of soulmates. You can meet your companion soulmate during a critical part of your life. They’ll appear when you most need them, like if there are about to be significant changes in one aspect of your life.

If the soul connection is romantic by nature, one case of soulmate separation might be because your supposed soulmate is married or in another relationship. In some instances, one or both of you might feel overwhelmed because of your special bond. It might be too intense, and you might have trouble connecting with them.

The Universe is all about perfect timings, especially with regards to soul connections. If you separate with your soulmate, it might mean it’s not the right time for the two of you to reunite in this lifetime.

Having the Need to Learn Life Lessons Apart

Some soulmates don’t have to be together to achieve spiritual or personal growth. The things you learn and experience while you’re apart might be the lesson you need to grasp. Sometimes, you can only learn and continue your journey if you’re away from each other.

You might also need to address personal issues on your own before you can strengthen your bond with your soulmate. That means you need some time alone to work on your fears, insecurities, and other troubles.

Being Unaware of the Soulmate Connection

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Some people don’t believe in soulmates and the concept of soul connections, in general. Because of this, there are times when they aren’t even aware of the soulmate separation. In other circumstances, you or your soulmate might even refuse to acknowledge the soulmate connection because either of you feels like entering unknown territory.

Not Understanding the Nature of the Soulmate Connection

Soulmate or soul connections, in general, are complex concepts. Many have the wrong perception or understanding about them. Sometimes the lack of knowledge or misunderstanding can cause soulmates to separate.

Firstly, your soulmate isn’t someone you merely desire. They’re someone you need in your life to accomplish personal growth. Most times, this person is someone you need, not someone you want.

In addition to that, as emphasized earlier, your soulmate doesn’t have to be a romantic partner. They can be your sibling, parent, friend, or even enemy.

Secondly, not all soulmate relationships are destined to last forever. Sometimes, they’re only supposed to appear in one or two chapters of your life.

Your karmic journey together might come to an end. A part of your life lesson is learning how to accept that. Separating with them might bring you pain, but they leave for a reason.

Another myth about the nature of soulmates is that you only have one soulmate. There are many types of soulmate connections, and you might meet several in this particular lifetime.

Your soulmate isn’t also someone who will complete you. Having such unrealistic expectations of your soulmate can cause the soulmate separation and make your relationship toxic. You’re a complete person on your own; your soulmate is there only to accompany you in your journey towards inner growth.

Lastly, soulmate relationships require as much (if not more) effort as a normal relationship. Many assume that a relationship with their soulmate is supposed to be smooth-sailing and free of stress. On the contrary, soulmate relationships require more effort, time, and patience, depending on their nature.

Do Soulmates Reunite?

reunion soulmates

After you experience soulmate separation, you might wonder if you can reunite with them. The short answer would be yes; there’s a high chance for a soulmate reunion.

As mentioned earlier, everything happens for a reason. After you separate from your soulmate, the best thing you can do is understand what caused it. You can use your time apart to work on a better version of yourselves.

You might want to watch out for signs of a soulmate reunion. One sign is that your reunion will occur in Divine timing. You might also experience soulmate synchronicities before reuniting (e.g., seeing repeating numbers, such as 1111).

How to Heal and Move on From the Soulmate Separation

1. Cut Your Energy Cords

scissors cord

Two individuals are spiritually connected by an etheric cord. This energy cord enhances the connection between two people, especially soulmates. If you experience soulmate separation and there’s no possibility of a reunion, you might wish to consider cutting your energy cord.

To cut your energy cord with your soulmate, you need to set an intention first. Next, visualize it as a physical cord, tie, or rope you can cut with a pair of scissors or any sharp object.

You can cut energy cords on your own. However, some etheric cords are stronger than others, and you might not be able to deal with them yourself. If this is the case for you, you might want to consider asking the help of a spiritual advisor or a psychic.

2. Surrender to Divine Timing

There are things in life we have no control over. Sometimes, it’s best to surrender to Divine timing. Meeting, separating, and reuniting with your soulmate will happen at the right place, at the right time.

3. Heal Your Heart and Crown Chakras

healing chakra

Soulmate separation can cause you sadness, anxiety, and pain. When letting go and moving forward seem to be a struggle, it’s best to clear your heart and crown chakras.

The heart chakra focuses on relationships and interconnectedness. Meanwhile, the crown chakra is associated with our connection to the Divine. Healing these chakra points after a soulmate separation can help you find love, peace, and balance.

4. Let Go of Negative Emotions

Negative emotions attract low vibrations, and therefore, negative energies. Keeping them will hinder you from moving forward. You can ask your spirit guides to guide you in your journey towards healing.

5. Learn About Your Soul Contract

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A soul contract is a predetermined spiritual agreement between two souls before descending on earth. We form soul contracts with the members of our soul group, including our soulmates.

If you wish to know more about the nature of your soulmate connection and how the soulmate separation plays a significant part in your life journey, you need to learn more about your soul contract. Knowing the nature of the soul contract can help you determine your purpose and heal.

You can acquire information about your soul contract with your soulmate from your spirit guides. This process is easy for intuitive people who know about communicating with spirit guides. If you’re a beginner, it’s better to ask for help from an expert.

Final Thoughts

Separating with your soulmate can bring you overwhelming pain, sadness, and grief. After all, your soulmate plays a significant role in your life. If you experience soulmate separation, you might want to consult a psychic advisor on this website who specializes in soulmate connections.

A psychic advisor can offer you soulmate psychic readings. In these readings, you’ll be able to determine the nature of your soulmate connection, the cause of the soulmate separation, the possibility for a soulmate reunion, and more.