Making a Psychic Connection with Someone in 4 Sure Ways

A psychic connection (also called a psychic link) is a powerful connection between two people that occurs on a spiritual level. This bond allows them to share their thoughts, emotions, and energies. Because of the benefits it brings, it helps to know how to create a psychic link with someone.

To make a psychic connection, one must form an emotional, spiritual, or physical bond with the person. One can spend quality time together with the person they want to create a psychic connection with, try to communicate with them telepathically, be physically intimate with them, and unblock spiritual blockages.

The deeper the bond, the more powerful the psychic connection will be. Before making a psychic connection with someone, it’s crucial to understand both the benefits and disadvantages the spiritual link brings.

How to Make a Psychic Connection with Someone

  • Spend Quality Time Together

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All relationships will naturally grow and develop if the people involved spend quality time together. The same principle applies to psychic connections. To create a psychic link with someone, you must improve whatever kind of relationship you have with them by expressing togetherness and giving them your undivided attention.

Spending quality time with them requires you to enhance your active listening skills. People desire and need to be understood. Many people fail to understand others because they only hear but not listen.

People tend to become occupied with their thoughts and opinions, to the point that they disregard the views and ideas of others. A bond can only deepen if both can learn to understand each other, express empathy, and show compassion.

The amount of time you spend with the person with whom you want to connect barely matters. What’s important is how you spend your time with them. Instead of planning something extravagant, it helps to have meaningful conversations with them instead.

All the little things matter when trying to make a psychic connection with someone. Try to develop a routine that both of you can engage in, such as morning exercises or weekend outings.

Spending quality time with them also means being there for them, especially during rough times. When one is near the other’s orbit, souls that have the potential to connect usually resonates with love and positivity (which in turn provides comfort).

  • Try to Communicate with Them Telepathically

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People who have a predestined psychic connection (karmic soulmates, twin flames, etc.) can often communicate with each other telepathically. If you hope to make a psychic connection on your own, however, this might not happen for you naturally.

Although it’s difficult, it’s not impossible to telepathically communicate with others with whom you’re not inherently linked. Each of us possesses psychic energy. Therefore, you can still reach out to another person on a psychic level.

To do this, you must always think of the person, especially when you’re not physically together. If you do this at all times, you’ll eventually be able to feel each other’s vibrations.

One sign that you’re telepathically linked with a person includes experiencing synchronicities that seem to be mere coincidences. Another sign is being able to know the other’s thoughts and emotions without them telling you.

  • Be Physically Intimate with Them

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The mind, body, and soul are all connected. Spiritual connections (such as soul ties) usually form by engaging in physical intimacy with another person.

In making psychic connections, however, physical intimacy doesn’t only refer to sexual acts. One can also deepen a bond just by hugging, cuddling, or holding each other’s hands.

  • Unblock All Possible Spiritual Blockages

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Many things can prevent you from making psychic connections. One of these things is negative energies preceding past emotional traumas. If there are painful things that might prevent you from forming a spiritual bond with other people, it’s best to let go of them.

You can strengthen your bond by being open to each other. An accepting, peaceful, and compassionate heart will naturally build the trust which is needed in making psychic links.

The Most Common Psychic Connection Relationships

Soulmate Connections

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Soulmate connections are one of the most common (and also one of the most powerful) soul connections because they have a significant effect on our lives. We can have multiple soulmates, and they don’t necessarily need to be our romantic partners.

One can be in a soulmate relationship with their daughter, cousin, teacher, or colleague. The purpose of soulmate connections is to help us achieve higher states of self-awareness and guide us in our spiritual journey.

Twin Flames

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One of the many types of soulmate connections is the twin flame connection. We only have one twin flame, and they don’t usually appear in all of our lifetimes. A twin flame relationship is rare, and it’s one of the purest (albeit the most painful) types of spiritual connection.

Karmic Soulmates

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Another type of soulmate connection is karmic soulmates. Karmic soulmates help each other fulfill their karmic debt, and they exist to teach one another lessons that they weren’t able to learn in their previous lifetimes.

Karmic relationships often don’t last. After your karmic soulmate achieves their purpose in your life, they’ll eventually leave. Hence, karmic relationships can be quite painful.

Kindred Spirits Connection

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Kindred spirits share the same life principles, beliefs, ways of thinking, and motivations. Because of their many similarities, kindred spirits feel an intense attraction for each other. Unlike the other psychic connections that occur only on a spiritual level, kindred spirits often connect on the mental realm as well.

Signs that You Have a Psychic Connection

You Can Sense Their Presence Regardless of Distance

Because psychic connections occur on a spiritual level, physical distance doesn’t matter when it comes to sensing each other’s presence. In this case, sensing their presence isn’t limited to knowing where they might be. You can also feel if they’re going through a rough time or if they’re in trouble.

You Know and Understand Their Thoughts and Emotions

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If you have a psychic connection with someone, you’ll know and understand their thoughts and emotions even if they don’t directly share them with you. You’ll receive whatever energy they give.

Psychic links form empathic connections between two people. Therefore, their happiness will be your joy, and their sadness will be your sorrows.

You Share Many Similarities

Because making psychic connections requires spending quality time together, it’s inevitable for you to adopt each other’s traits, personalities, mannerisms, and habits. You’ll also most likely share the same beliefs and interests, and you might not even be conscious of it.

You Often See Them in Your Dreams

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The very first telepathic communication between two people who have a psychic link usually occurs in their dreams. You dream of each other mostly because one or both of you need to share psychic information.

How to Make a Psychic Connection with Your Spirit Guide

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Spirit guides are divine entities that always watch over us. Our spirit guides are our angels, ascended masters, ancestors, spirit animals, and other higher spiritual beings who were assigned to us before our incarnation.

Their purpose is to support and guide us on our journey in the material world. They’re the ones who will provide us with advice, guidance, assurance, and empowerment whenever we need it.

Spirit guides help us uplift our souls. They can show us our life paths and help us discover our purpose. Moreover, they can warn us when difficulties are about to come our way.

Our spirit guides have unconditional love for us. The only thing they’re waiting for is for us to initiate contact with them.

The first step in connecting with spirit guides is to establish your psychic groundwork. This refers to increasing your level of psychic awareness and enhancing your ability to listen to your Higher Self or your subconscious.

Once you’re in tune with your Inner Self, you should practice spirit guide meditation. Meditation helps unblock psychic blockages. It also grounds and centers us so we can reach out to our spirit guides more easily.

When seeking your spirit guides, it’s important to remember that you must first set your intentions as to why you want to connect with them. You must also show your dedication in wanting to make a psychic connection by dedicating your time and effort.

Final Thoughts

Dealing with psychic connections can be confusing and draining. There are psychic connections that are formed from divine love, and there are also others that bring more harm to us than good. It’s vital to determine when you should and shouldn’t make psychic connections.

Professional psychics on this website who specialize in all types of spiritual work and spiritual transformation can help you make a psychic connection with someone (or with your spirit guides). They can also assist you if you’re struggling with obsession or manipulation in your psychic connection relationships.