Gold Aura Meaning: Everything You Need to Know

An energy field, called an aura, surrounds us, human beings, and it can be seen as a single or multiple color emanating from our body. Our aura reflects information about ourselves, such as our personalities and current state of being. For example, green indicates harmony and balance, blue peace and sensitivity, and purple enlightenment.

A gold aura, on the other hand, signifies spiritual attunement. People with this aura color value spiritual work because it helps them free themselves from their ego and eventually obtain inner peace and deep wisdom. Because this aura color denotes spiritual development, it’s of utmost importance to cleanse and maintain its balance to strengthen it.

People with a gold aura have intriguing personality traits. It helps to determine how they fare in areas of romance and wealth to learn more about the meaning of this aura color.

Meaning of the Gold Aura

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The color gold responds to high spiritual vibrations. Consequently, a gold aura denotes enlightenment, spiritual ascension, spiritual mastery, divine protection, and connection with higher spiritual beings. Only a few people possess this aura color, making it one of the rarest aura colors.

The color gold has many associations. In religious contexts, this regal color represents power and divinity. Christians hold the color gold in high regard because it portrays God’s omnipotence.

The same goes for Hinduism. Gold is associated with wisdom, learning, meditation, and virtue. Moreover, many cultures also relate this color to affluence, success, spiritual enlightenment, and unity.

People with a gold aura already achieved a higher level of consciousness and are currently recognizing their spiritual power. To put it simply, they’re on their journey towards learning how the universe operates.

If you possess a gold aura, it means you’re inspired to achieve perfection. Because you have already acquired profound knowledge, inner peace, and divine wisdom, you’re now ready to share it with others.

As previously mentioned, an individual can possess one or multiple aura colors. If your gold aura is tinged with a hint of green, it indicates that you’re in the process of opening up your heart to the gold aura’s energy.

One doesn’t gain a gold aura by coincidence. Bearers of the gold aura have done spiritual work and are consistently learning life lessons. This aura color only responds to higher frequency energies, and those who possess it can become ascended masters after their journey on earth.

On Gold Aura Personality and Behavior

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Bearers of the gold aura are honest, disciplined, mindful, compassionate, selfless, and devoted. They’re virtuous by nature and genuinely strive to make the people around them happy.

As stated earlier, people with a gold aura are inspired to achieve perfection. This can be a double-edged sword for them. They tend to wear themselves out because they feel obligated to help others.

Gold aura bearers are inherently creative individuals. Most of them excel in the arts like writing, drawing, and crafting. They also enjoy spending time in nature and surrounding themselves with the finer things in life.

On Love and Relationships

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People with a gold aura take delight in spending time with their family and friends. They also enjoy meeting new people and building relationships. Because of their honest, calm, generous, and affectionate personality, people naturally gravitate to them, and at the same time, they appreciate the attention.

In general, people with a gold aura are supportive and are great friends. They intuitively know what the people around them need, may it be a listening ear, a shoulder to lean on, or an understanding heart.

Bearers of a gold aura naturally radiate positive energy and are just a joy to be around. Their optimism is contagious, and they can make anyone comfortable with their mere presence. In addition to that, their energy makes the people around them feel inspired, motivated and empowered.

When it comes to love, people with a gold aura are very romantic and generous. They don’t hold back in showing their affection. One possible downside is that they can be quite overprotective.

On Wealth and Career

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As stated previously, people with a gold aura are both intelligent and creative. They know what they’re capable of, and they use their self-awareness to their advantage.

If you have this aura color, you’re most likely successful when it comes to monetary affairs. Your financial know-how, combined with your diligence and ambitious nature, enables you to gain fortune and reach your goals.

Because of their personality, gold aura bearers are mostly teachers or spiritual mentors. Regardless of the nature of their career, they have an excellent work ethic, and they have no trouble being in any position. Whether they hold an administrative position or not, they’re efficient in their job, and their coworkers love working with them.

How to Balance and Cleanse Your Gold Aura

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Balancing and cleansing one’s aura is essential, especially for people with a gold aura. As stated earlier, those who possess this aura color only respond to higher frequency vibrations.

We emit, absorb, and interact with different kinds of energy, including the negative ones. A dirty aura manifests in our day to day life. Signs of a stained aura include feeling sick or drained, having troubles at work, and having difficulty in communicating with other people (to name a few).

If you feel any sign of an unbalanced or stained aura, it’s best to take time to perform aura cleansing or aura balancing. You can do this by doing any of the methods stated below.

The Blue Light Visualization Method

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In general, the color blue signifies healing, peace, serenity, and intuition. Incorporating this solid color in your meditation is an efficient way to cleanse, strengthen, and protect your gold aura.

  1. Sit somewhere quiet where no one can disturb you. Bask in the silence and do breathing exercises.
  2. Visualize blue light surrounding you, and then imagine a golden sphere appearing above your head.
  3. Envision white and gold light radiating from the golden sphere.
  4. Relax and breathe in the divine energy coming from the white and gold light. Do this repeatedly until you can feel the lower frequency energies leaving you.

Sun Meditation

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As stated previously, gold is often associated with the sun. At the same time, the gold aura color responds only to higher frequency energies. Accordingly, you can raise your vibration and balance your aura if you fill yourself with the sun’s energy.

  1. Go outside and position yourself somewhere with direct sunlight. If you prefer, you can also do this meditation in total darkness. Only this time, you’ll only visualize the sun beaming on you.
  2. Take deep breaths and relax. Feel the sunlight pouring over your crown chakra (located at the top of your head). Let your crown chakra absorb the sun’s divine energy and awakening power.
  3. Feel the sun’s warmth flowing from the top of your head to your pineal gland, where your third eye (also known as the sixth chakra) is located. Let the sun’s psychic energy strengthen your intuition.
  4. Allow the sun’s energy travel from your third eye to your other chakra points (from the throat and the heart to the solar plexus, and eventually to the sacral chakra and, lastly, the root chakra).
  5. Feel all your cells absorbing the sun’s vibrant energy. Afterward, release negative emotions such as anxiety, fear, and anger to make way for the sun’s pure and divine protection.

Water Meditation

water meditation

The use of water for aura cleansing is not exclusive to people with a gold aura. Water has powerful cleansing and healing properties, making it a useful tool for aura cleansing regardless of the aura color.

Take a shower and let the water flow over every part of your body. Just like how it cleans your body, imagine the water taking all your stress, worries, troubles, fears, anxieties, sadness, and anger away down the drain.

If you prefer soaking in a bathtub, it’s advisable to use Epsom salt. This salt has incredible healing properties that can balance and cleanse auras.

You can also meditate under the rain (only if there’s no lightning or storm). Perhaps the most effective, however, is meditating under a waterfall. While the water purifies your soul, inhale its healing energy and breathe out all the low-frequency energies.

The Feather Whisk Method

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Aside from sunlight and water, you can also use a feather (preferably a feather from an owl or turkey) to cleanse your aura. Whisk the feather all over your body, from the feet to your head. It’s advisable to ask for assistance for areas that you can’t reach, like your back.

Other Simple Ways to Strengthen Your Gold Aura

  • Make drinking herbal tea a habit.
  • Use a Himalayan salt lamp to cleanse your home from negative energy.
  • Decorate your home with gold accents.
  • Place flowers such as gold poppy, buttercups, and plumeria around the house.
  • Listen to music that raises your vibration.
  • Detect and cleanse negative energy using a lemon.
  • Chant affirmations before you start your day.

Finding an Aura Healer

Another way to cleanse and balance your aura is through remote or distant aura healing. Aura healers are gifted individuals who can improve people’s energetic balance regardless of distance.

Aura healers can read your aura to receive information about your physical, emotional, and mental state. They can help you clear aura blockages and teach you how to protect yourself from negative energies that can negatively affect your aura.