About – Soul Connection

Soul Connection is a leading source of esoteric, spiritual, and psychic topics. We cover topics such as twin flames, soulmates, psychic phenomenon, and more.

This site was initially a personal journal for founder Sandra Luck as she awakens her psychic abilities and studies esoteric beliefs or writings. Eventually, Soul Connection became one of the most sought-after blogs for everything spiritual and psychic.

Sandra’s passion for knowledge then became her inspiration to share enlightening information about the metaphysical as well as her personal experiences to both beginners to esoteric learning and the general psychic community.

Meet Sandra Luck

Sandra is a psychic medium and spiritual mentor. She discovered her psychic abilities at the young age of 8, but she only embraced and developed them in her 20s after much self-exploration.

Now, aside from managing Soul Connection, she is focusing on teaching and guiding fellow intuitive souls in their spiritual journey. She also offers psychic medium readings online.

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