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As the sight of the room is revealed to the woman, overwhelming feelings well up and she burst into tears. She cannot believe what she’s looking at: Right in front of her, on the other side of the door, is a platform ... a dock. Tied to the dock is a lovely little rowboat with a paddle. The boat is silhouetted against the mirror of the moat. The far side of the room is open so that the boat can come and go freely.

Hidden boat and dock

The woman soon realizes that as part of the design of the castle, there always was a way to get across the moat and to the other side.

She does not know why both doorways that she found on this remarkable day had been hidden, but she realizes now they are not. She thinks to herself “In the original design of the castle, the doors were not hidden. They were always in use. The doors were a normal part of the castle. But to me, because I had no experience with them, and no one left a map to find them, the doorways were hidden from my point of view.”

WholenessThe woman carefully gets into the boat and gracefully rows to the other side of the moat in less than a minute. She is now connected to the greater world. There she finds everything that she needs in infinite abundance — soon her health and happiness return. Since she now knows the way to the boat, and the top levels of the castle, the woman is free to go anywhere, anytime she pleases.

With the return of health and happiness, she also discovers a new creative part of herself that was hidden and dormant while she was ill and stuck in her castle. She discovers that she has a natural talent to grow gardens and care for plants. As she walks the trails in the beautiful forests and meadows on the other side, she collects seeds and rare flowering plants. She brings them back to the boat … and ultimately back home to the castle.

She grew the most incredible garden in the center of the castle’s courtyard using water from the moat — the same moat which she had perceived as her greatest barrier contained all the nutrients that her garden needed to grow and flourish.

One day, several years later, while standing at the top of the castle overlooking what has become her harmonious reality, she looks out at the world of happiness and health across the moat. She looks down at her garden below which is in the middle of the castle’s central courtyard. She can see that the plants and the feeling of the garden that she created are a perfect match to the plants and feeling in the world of happiness and health that stretches as far as her eyes can see.

Calm, delicious feelings of gratitude flow through her as she knows that she is truly connected with the entire Universe. The woman now clearly senses that everything is unified and whole … just as it should be.

Inner Hologram of Wholeness

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