pf. 2The Woman, Castle & Moat
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She soon finds herself at the pinnacle of the staircase and steps out into the bright warm light. The woman finds herself on a lovely stone patio with a sturdy railing all around. Tears well up in her eyes at the first sight of the gorgeous landscape stretching out before her. From this elevated vantage point she has a spectacular 360° view and can see to the horizon in every direction.

The environment she sees is far beyond her wildest dreams and she spends a good hour taking it all in. The woman chuckles to herself that even the moat below, looks OK from this lofty perspective.

As she scans the moat — which appears black and smooth as glass, reflecting its surroundings like a perfect mirror — she sees a little room connected to the castle that is jutting out into the water. This is another surprise to her, as she realizes that there are more areas and levels in this castle that she had no idea existed.

Knowing that she can return to this point of view anytime she pleases, she takes off to do more exploring and find the way to get to the “room on the moat.” As she descends the spiral staircase, she finds herself filled with gratitude as to what has happened on this incredible day. As she spirals down, down, down, she realizes that her current good fortune had unfolded all because she had intentionally shifted her attitude earlier in the day.

She enters the main area of the castle and then descends into the basement, as she knows that the room on the moat had to be on the lower level, and on the outer edge of the castle.

As she enters the basement proper, a feeling of calm confidence flows through her heart. She pauses for a moment and recognizes it to be a feeling and energy that is deeply nourishing to her. She makes a mental note to return to that feeling, even if the so-called “moat room” turns out to be empty or full of junk.

She lights a candle and starts to search for a doorway to the moat room. The woman realizes the strange similarities in that both the doorway to the ascending staircase, and the doorway to the moat room were hidden away from her normal, everyday perspective. She thinks to herself that this is truly a fascinating coincidence.

As she slowly makes her way through the damp darkness of the basement, she feels cobwebs clinging to her clothes. Her clothes become dirty with the dust that hangs thickly in the air. But the feelings of hope and determination in her heart coupled with the excitement of exploring new territory make her continue on the journey.

After an unexpectedly long time of searching, she finds the doorway. It’s a normal-sized door with a large handle. As she reaches out and touches the handle, she feels that it is covered in dust and immediately realizes that the doorway has not been opened in years.

The woman turns the handle, opening the door just a crack, and a sliver of light instantly splits the darkness enfolding her. The smell of water pours through on the brilliant rays.

She gives the door a little shove and it slowly, silently and gracefully swings open on its own ...

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