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his is the story of a most wonderful woman who is living in a castle on an island surrounded by a moat.

She’s fairly functional in her castle which truly has become her own little world. Most of what she needs to survive is available ... even though the moat is surrounding her on all sides. What she does not have is happiness and health, but she can sense it nearby — just on the other side of the moat. The castle does not have a bridge.
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Every day she sits in her room and looks out across the moat onto a land with sparkling blue skies, meadows, forests, birds, waterfalls and clear paths to follow. She intuitively knows that happiness and health is found on the other side of the moat. After years of going through this — knowing that happiness is so close, but not intimately connected to her — she grows angry at her situation and that stupid moat! She thinks “If only that moat were not here, or would change in some way. If it could be drained, frozen, or filled-in with dirt, then I could easily walk to the other side and get the happiness and health I need.”

This goes on for years and years, and her health and happiness diminish. She's nearly at her breaking point, and grows very weak. She knows she has to do something to shift out of her current situation, but all she does is wander around the rooms and hallways of the castle — she feels so lonely.

One day, she realizes that the only thing that she has the power to change at this current moment is her attitude. “Maybe by changing my attitude, things will get better in my life” she thinks. With this in mind, she musters up the strength to pick her spirit up a bit. She begins moving through the castle with a greater sense of hope, confidence and with a lighter heart.

In the flow of this attitude she decides to do a little cleaning up ... “Why not use this energy for something useful?”

She opens the broom closet and sees that it's a big mess! So the first thing is to put it in order.

As she’s rearranging the closet, she discovers a small door in the shadows at the back. “Hmmm ... I’ve never noticed that before, but it must have been here all along”

She opens the door and is surprised that it did not go to a basement as she had thought, but rather to a spiral staircase going up. This is a shock to her, as she had no idea that her castle included upper levels.

She feels a strong current of fear flashing through her body, but the new upbeat attitude that she is experiencing propels her forward with a sense of excitement. She passes through the small, hidden door and looks up to the beautiful, mysterious spiral staircase. As she looks way, way up … spiral after spiral after spiral ... she can see a light at the very top.

A surge of energy flows through her and she instinctively knows she must ascend the staircase and will be rewarded with a spectacular view! As she climbs the steps, images of the world of happiness on the other side of the moat pass through her mind ...

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The Woman, Castle & Moat
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