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The little girl knows this to be absolutely true! One time, she flew out into the night sky to a circular cluster of seven stars, and became completely lost in their wonder. She traversed this spectacular stellar pathway to its very end and then turned around for the long journey home. As she descended through the darkness, she looked for her home to come into view. After what seemed to be an incredibly long time, she finally got her first sight of the familiar trees far below, the distinctive color of the clay tiles on the roof and the shape of the yard. She slowly spiraled down, down, down to her home, and soon saw a person out on the lawn, which she thought must be her father. Her first sight of him was as a little speck because the distance was so great, but when she finally got close enough to make out his features, she saw that he was facing her way. He did not forget. He was looking up to the night sky to catch the first sight of her returning to him.

Life goes on in Completeness

In the “real life” of the physical world, the woman thoroughly integrates and processes her spiritual visions. She now knows herself to be complete and unified, and she can feel it in her bones. She is infinitely grateful to have found her Inner Father in the clarity of her inner world.

In her spiritual vision, her Inner Father seemed to be in a home far away, and involved with her as a young girl. But now, she can see and connect with his energetic form and wisdom at any time and any place. With her eyes open or shut ... wide awake or in dreams ... she unites with her Inner Father, and she uses his image and pattern of energy to help shape her personal reality.

She has learned that she can call the radiant form of her Inner Father and he will be in her presence instantly. She can ask him for guidance and he will impart his special wisdom. If she needs company, he's there. The woman knows that he does not reside in any one place, but actually is with her anywhere and everywhere, anytime and at all times. Indeed, she has brought not only his image back to the physical dimension where she is an adult woman — but she has also brought the timelessness of his spirit into her life.

It turns out that her relationship with her earthly father improves, too. He has not changed but she is no longer needing and expecting him to. She now accepts him as-is. She now loves him more than ever before, as her love for him has changed. It is unconditional.

The woman realizes that she has absorbed many of the insights, wisdom and qualities that are in the personalities of her Inner Father and her Soul’s Emissary. She understands that just by holding their luminous forms in her inner world, she has become aligned with their energy patterns, thoughts and feelings. In a very real way, she has become them.

When she meets up with the form of her earthly father in her inner world, she never has to call the Emissary to her side. For one thing, the image of her earthly father learned his lesson, and he knows his place in her world. The woman finds that she can easily handle any situation throughout her inner cosmos. She truly has become a unified human being who now intentionally projects the highest version of herself into the multi-dimensional Universe.

But this is not the end of the story. It is never the end of the story. Life goes on.

In her new unified form, the woman flourishes in the physical world. She is now an attractor field for men who are unified themselves. She now has wonderful relationships with men, but is not dependent on them to make her happy or complete. The unification of her inner world is now reflected in her outer reality.

As the sense of wholeness settles in, she discovers that new abilities have suddenly awakened in her. Apparently, these abilities were dormant when she was a fragmented being, but now that she is complete they have sprung to life. It is revealed that the woman has uncanny insight into the mental and emotional realities of children. She meets her need to serve humanity by becoming a child psychologist, developing a profound program that helps hundreds of thousands of children all around the world.

The woman knows that she is now creating personal realities that are a vibrational match to the harmonious energy patterns of the Emissary and her Inner Father. Deep feelings of gratitude flow through her as she knows that she is truly connected to All That Is.

She now clearly understands that the entire muli-dimensional Universe is unified and whole … just as it should be.

Finding My Inner Father

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