pg. 5Finding My Inner Father  
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The Emissary chuckles and replies: “You are already seeing God, as God is All That Is. God is everywhere. All beings are intimate with First Source always! But beings are not fully aware of this fundamental connection with God while they are fragmented and are not aware of their deeper unified essence. We are now on our way to a profound reconnection.”

The girl and her guide leave the environment of her childhood home and begin to travel side-by-side, first through an expanse of white light, and then through a marvelous black star-filled sky. The girl feels the sensation of flying forward and upward in long graceful spirals. She is both calm and excited about the unfolding adventure. She holds the presence of herself as an adult, along with her feelings and mind-style as a child. In this realm, she is the past, present and future, all rolled into one.

Soon she feels the presence of a 3D environment approaching, and she gently sways in a slightly downward direction. The starry sky is still overhead as she begins to visualize the shape of a lovely, simple home in a beautiful natural environment. As she descends further, she sees a grassy lawn, spectacular flowers that glow in a symphony of colors and shapes — and a radiant being who is looking her way, as though waiting for her return.

The little girl and her guide settle down on the front lawn, a good distance from the house. In this particular environment, even though it is night and the stars blaze in a black sky, all things seem to glow from their own light.

The Emissary looks at the little girl and says “You see, in the inner cosmos, there is everything. This is truly your home.”

The girl knows this to be true as she can feel it in every atom of her being.

“And, here in your inner world, you have a parental Father at the core of Being. He has always been here ... you have just been on a long journey that has taken you away from home. The journey was spread across many human lifetimes ... but now you have returned.” As the Emissary says these words, the young girl smiles.

The little girl looks at her Inner Father standing on the porch and sees the same smile. She runs across the yard to him and he scoops her up in his arms. He kisses her on the forehead and gives her the biggest, longest hug in all her memories.

He tells her that he loves her with all his heart, and that he is “soooo glad that she is home!” He accepts every speck of her being, and is eager to hear all about her experiences, her dreams, her hopes, and how she has grown during her journeys.

The little girl knows her Inner Father to be strong and full of wisdom. He is a being who gives affection freely, has a good heart, a sense of humor and an incredible twinkle in his eye. The authenticity of his energy and the feelings he projects are like the purest, warmest light she has ever known.

He does not hesitate to pick her up and cradle her in his arms. She sits with him in his favorite chair for hours and hours. He even sings the most beautiful song to her ... and she sometimes falls asleep and dreams the most wonderful dreams. And when she awakens he is still holding her in his arms.

Being in the presence of her Inner Father is an absorbing experience as the girl learns how he relates to all of Life. For instance, when he reaches for a cup of warm tea, touching the handle and bringing the cup to his lips ... she sees in the way he moves and the feelings he exudes that he is grateful — not only for the tea, but for everything. As she watches him talking to people, listening to her, petting a cat, or looking up at the stars, she knows that he is seeing God in all things. As he strolls through the garden, rocks in his favorite chair, or prepares a meal, she can tell that his energy, thoughts and feelings are reaching out to help nurture all forms of life, both seen and unseen. In this way, his entire being is open to her and she is free to connect and absorb his wisdom, philosophy, attitudes and feelings.

The father explains to his daughter that she, in essence, is a conscious explorer of Life. She is free to separate from him and journey to the far edge of Creation to have all the experiences she wants and needs. He will not only be waiting here for her to return, but in fact he will always be with her, as a radiant, energetic form in her inner world.

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