pg. 4Finding My Inner Father  
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The Emissary turns to leave with the young girl, and as the girl steps through the front door, she takes a final look back at her dad. She sees the expression on his face and instantly reads his mind ...

She sees that her father understands what the Emissary has said. The girl can see in his eyes that he is ashamed of the way that he has treated her in the past, but that at this moment, he truly has had an epiphany.

The little girl sees that her father can hardly believe what has just happened: As she reads his mind, she sees that he assumed that he would always be the Lord of his daughter’s inner world. He thought he would always get away with his behavior ... that he could be hurtful and unkind without consequences. But now, he comes to the full realization that his daughter is in control of her life, and that he is simply a guest in her inner world. He has to act according to her wishes, as she is in charge of this world inside herself! She now has the full power, authority, will and know-how to put him in his place ... in her inner world. In fact, it has already happened.

As the little girl and the Emissary stroll back to the front lawn, the girl feels waves of gratitude for this incredible life-changing event that has just occurred. With tears of joy in her eyes she says “Tell me more about what happened there ... just so I can have perfect clarity.”

The Emissary looks into her eyes and says:

“The image of your father in this world — your inner world — carries his full energetic make-up, which includes his lack of wholeness. Therefore, you could never become a fully connected and whole human being if you allow that image to dominate your inner reality.

“What we just did with the image of your father, in this key memory, is we took back the power that he had taken from you as a little girl. We did this in a single event, and the energy field of that key memory was re-written with the resolution that you just witnessed. In so doing, you now have full control over your inner world. The image of him, in yourself, is now in its rightful place. He is no longer running the show — you are.”

The girl’s attention flashes forward into the full consciousness of her adult self and replies: “I now have a better understanding of the relationship with my father, and how my personal evolution has always been pulled back to that image I held of him — the image with limitations and problems.”

She thanks her guide with a long hug, and her spirit soars in its new found freedom.


The Emissary and the little girl pause for a while to take it all in.

Finally, the Emissary breaks the silence: “You have looked for unity and wholeness through earthly parents spanning hundreds of incarnations, but each time you found yourself aligned with their level of incompleteness.”

The girl replies, “Then, is there no hope for any being? All humans have their problems — no one is perfect. It seems that everyone is fragmented and out of balance in some way or another.”

“Yes, there is hope. The ultimate fulfillment of completeness is only found in the realms of your inner world — but not in the surface areas that most beings look,” says her guide. “Most people look inside themselves and see worlds of memories endlessly repeating themselves in a confusing fog of feelings and utter illusion. Few are able to untangle the mental chaos and see beyond their identities in the physical world. But for those who do, the harmony of the inner cosmos is revealed.

“Beings who become the prime mover of their inner world find that there is an underlying grand structure already in place that supports the entire multi-dimensional Universe. In this original structure is everything a being needs at all stages of its evolution. This includes the lowest levels of fragmentation and separation, and the highest levels of unity and wholeness.”

Again the Emissary pauses for the girl to process these words.

“Even though you now feel the exhilaration of being free from the boundaries of the inner energetic form of your earthly father, you still are not fully unified. There is a purpose to the parent-child relationship, but as you can see it is often distorted and unfulfilled in the physical dimension.”

“I get it!” says the girl “You’re going to take me to see God.”

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