pg. 3Finding My Inner Father  
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The girl now feels calm, but asks, “Why am I here? This is the worst place for me to be!” She knows what is going to happen if they enter the house, as she has replayed this particular memory an infinite number of times throughout her life. “This exact memory represents the sum total of all the terrible feelings of abandonment and disconnection with my father,” she tells the Emissary.

In this powerful memory, her mother and father are in the living room having a heated argument. She’s standing in the doorway, and hears her father talking about her. He’s angrily saying that he wishes their daughter had never been born — that things would be a hell of a lot easier without her. And in that horrible memory, her father turns to see that his daughter has heard it all. As the girl looks into his eyes, she can see that he meant every word. He continues on with his tirade as if she weren’t there.

The Emissary knows what the little girl is thinking and feeling, as she’s actually a part of her. Taking her by the hand, the Emissary says “We will make things right.” The girl does not have a clue as to what her guide means, but she trusts her more than anything. The Emissary’s hand feels warm and her aura of confidence and purpose has a tranquilizing effect.

As they enter the house, the little girl can hear her parents arguing, which confirms the series of events that they are about to witness. The Emissary gently pulls her towards the living room and stands in the very doorway that is prominent in the young girl’s vivid memories.

The little girl starts to cringe as she knows she is about to hear her dad say those terrible words. But this time, in this here-and-now reality, events begin to change. Her father’s focus on the conversation with her mother is interrupted as he feels the clear presence of people standing behind him.

He quickly wheels around and catches sight of his daughter and is looking directly in her eyes with the same coldness and disconnection that he has always had. He is about to shout something and begins to open his mouth ... when he suddenly becomes aware of the composed and powerful being standing with his daughter.

The Emissary raises her right hand, palm facing the girl’s father ... her presence, combined with that simple act, projected enough power and authority to stop him cold, in mid-sentence.

The little girl is stunned at what she is witnessing! She can see that her father is utterly and completely shocked as well — even more so.

For a fraction of a second, the little girl sees her father’s body recoil backwards with a quick jerk, and he tries to stand up taller than usual ... she recognizes this as his instinctive attempt to look bigger in hopes of dominating this incredible being who now has his daughter under her wing. But he realizes it is hopeless, and totally surrenders to the flow of events that he thought he was orchestrating and which instantly came to a screeching halt.

Both of them could see the father’s body suddenly weaken as he teeters under the full impact of the moment.

“You no longer have any control over your daughter!” the Emissary announces with the authority of what seems like God. The young girl can see her dad’s eyes move back and forth with lightning speed as his mind processes the moment.

“Never again are you allowed to treat your daughter with anything but respect, acceptance and care. Your time for sharing the unkindness that you harbor in yourself is OVER!” the Emissary pronounces. “She is now the prime mover of her entire Inner World. You are not.”

The Emissary pauses for a minute to let her last words sink into the group’s consciousness.

In complete silence, without taking his eyes off the Emissary, the man slowly slumps into his chair. The young girl’s mother also looks utterly bewildered and awed by what has transpired, but she remains standing beside him, frozen in wonder.

The Emissary peers into both of their eyes just to be sure that her message is locked in place. Once she is satisfied that their understanding is complete, she says: “We are leaving, but remember, that I am always watching after your daughter, and in so doing, I am watching you. If you raise one finger in anger to her, or treat her badly in any way, I will return instantly! You will always be in my mind and heart.”

Both parents instinctively nod, indicating their understanding and acceptance.

The Emissary and the little girl stand silently, hand in hand at the doorway as energy electrifies the room. Everyone knows that a profound shift has just occurred.

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