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Journey through the inner worlds

As the woman drifts along in this pleasant state of consciousness, it suddenly dawns on her that she is wide awake but not in her physical body, nor is she dreaming. She instinctively recognizes this environment of awareness as something familiar: it feels safe and peaceful ... and she knows she has been here many times before. In fact, she has a clear sense that she has lived for eons in this realm, and that her entire life in the physical dimension is a purposeful visit rather than a permanent residence.

Floating peacefully, she recalls her earliest memory of this “realm of awareness.” She recognizes the memory as one she often enjoyed as a very young child, but the memory of this fantastic place had slowly disappeared from waking consciousness as adulthood wrapped its concerns around her.

Her earliest memory was heavenly you might say ... and saturated with spiritual tones. She saw herself before she was born, as a spiritual being in a world of bright, soothing light, and she was very happy and excited about an approaching adventure. Seated next to her was a radiant being, a woman whom she recognized as her personal counselor and guide. The counselor was known to her as the “Soul’s Emissary,” and she truly was a symphony of beauty and wisdom. Their relationship was imbued with perfect knowing, charity, purpose and unconditional love.

The Emissary spoke: “Are you ready my dear?”

“I am,” the woman whispered softly. She beamed with feelings of eagerness but could only offer a gentle voice when in the presence of such a magnificent being.

“You are about to enter a new incarnation that will be the most meaningful of all. In this life, you will once again repeat what you have done before, which has left you fragmented and wanting wholeness. In this incarnation, you will find the heart’s unification in an inner place that you have not seen before. Know that in your journey through the physical world I will never leave you, and that you are always in my care.”

The Emissary then intoned a special blessing and tapped her gently on the forehead. The Emissary bid her farewell and a happy, fruitful journey in the physical dimension.
The Emissary
The woman departed from the presence of her counselor as she began to move without any effort of her own — she felt intentionally pulled by a greater force. First, she ascended in an immensely long rainbow-shaped arc, and then began the journey to the physical dimension in a slow, descending, spiral. Every atom of her being tingled with excitement as she knew that soon she would be in human form, and ever closer to complete fulfillment.

That was her earliest memory of this inner realm of awareness and now she understands that once again she is a traveler in this infinitely vast, glowing Universe.

She instinctively knows that there are two principle ways to travel through this realm: one is by instantly moving to any destination as if time and space do not matter or exist as barriers; and the other is by soaring ... which is what she is doing now. Soaring is especially pleasant as it gives you time to think about the experiences that are unfolding, and allows the traveler an opportunity to take in the spectacular views.

As the woman floats along, she begins descending through an immense space of thick, delicious, white light, feeling very much at ease. Suddenly, she knows she is settling down into what seems to be a 3D environment, and her eyes flutter open with perfect vision. She recognizes herself to having the mind and awareness of her adult self, but looks down and sees herself in her body as a child. She is seven years old and marvels at this amazing experience in which she can be a harmonious blend of the mind and feelings of both her child-self, and her adult-self ... at the same time.

As she looks around the environment, she sees that she is standing in the front yard of her mother’s home where she grew up. Once the full realization sinks in of where she is and at which time of her life, she freezes in fear — she recognizes this to be the precise time and space of one of her worst childhood memories.

But before fear can overtake her, the magnetic presence of the Emissary sweeps through her being. In an instant, her guide and counselor is standing by her side.

“Don’t be afraid. You are under my care. This is your inner world.” Her counselor speaks with a wonderful tone of assurance. The girl instantly feels absorbed into her field of energy.

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