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Eternal HeartThe man returns to the waking world, and sees the light of the full moon pouring through the window. Alo is sleeping at his feet and the clock says 4:30. “That was truly beautiful ... magnificent” he murmurs quietly. He spends the next hour in the chair, suffused in stillness, contemplating the events that unfolded in his inner world. He wonders if there really was or is a little boy somewhere that he has helped? That he concludes, he will never know. The only thing that he can be sure of is that he took a journey into his inner world, aligned with a gathering of spiritual forces, and resolved an issue that a little boy was struggling with, inside himself.

As the days pass, the man often reflects on the incredibly moving, mystical inner journey. He concludes that it must have been a success, as the image of the little boy — which had been coming to him in the same form his entire life — returned only once, a month later. On that occasion, the child appeared before the man as soon as he closed his eyes to begin of an early morning meditation session. The boy bowed to him in a gesture of universal gratitude and friendship, and the man — in his inner energetic form — returned the bow. The child seemed to literally glow with a special happiness, power, and purpose — he was transformed! The man was especially delighted to see the young dog sitting closely beside the boy. He instantly knew them to be inseparable in their world.

In future years the man is never revisited by the same inner vision of the young boy in trouble. However, the radiant form of a strong young man in buckskins often appears, with a dog by his side. He knows this presence to be the same being he helped early one morning so long ago.

With a heart filled with joy, the man stands in wonder of it all — happy to be alive and a part of the Great Mystery. He has returned home ... home to the original Oneness that rests at the heart of the Universe and the center of his being. It is now perfectly clear that everything is connected and unified, just as it should be.

Alo sleeping

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