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He, Alo, and his spiritual guide are invisible to the dancing people, and they have instinctively arrived at the spot in the environment that is immediately behind the boy, who is hiding in the shadows on the outer edge of the group. The man quickly scans the scene and sees the luminous forms of three additional guardian spirits — all on the outer edge of where the ceremony is taking place — and he instantly knows that they are part of this mission to help the boy.

He follows the eyes of the child as the boy looks over to the right and sees a pack of wild dogs that are also watching the tribal ritual. The man intuitively feels the ancient, primal connection between Alo and the dogs and, in fact, he senses that Alo has somehow summoned the dogs to this event. The man is amazed at the divine orchestration he’s witnessing, as he realizes that Alo is a key figure in what is happening.

The man is not clear as to how things will unfold, or how he will help, but he is comfortable and elated to simply hold onto the desire to help the boy and let the cosmic forces take their course.

He watches the medicine man dance and lead the group in the fascinating ritual. In his left hand, the shaman holds a primitive spear adorned with three raptor feathers. In his right hand held high above his head, the shaman lifts what appears to be a type of flat bread which must have sacred symbolism. The man thinks to himself, this ritual is a blessing for the hunters and for the people’s crops of grain.

The man relaxes into the experience and waits for a defining moment to happen — a special event that will lead to helping the boy. He sees the shaman twirling around at the dark edge of the dancing tribe ... and feels an unmistakable surge of joyous energy build in the team of observing spirits. Suddenly, the energy collectively held in the healers’ attention spontaneously explodes in a wave of luminous splendor and simultaneously pulses through the shaman. The shaman’s body responds by bending backwards in an expressive arch. During this event, the shaman’s spear strikes the sacred bread sending a small piece of it twirling off into the darkness. The man sees that the only beings to notice the stray piece of bread, besides those in the healing party, are the boy they came to help and a young dog in the pack.

Eventually the ritual comes to a close and the people go to their huts. As soon as everyone leaves the boy jumps up and goes searching for the piece of sacred bread left behind. The man, Alo, the spirits, and the young dog from the pack watch as the child finds the little treasure. He takes it back to a lean-to, that appears to be his own private dwelling, and he quickly merges into the furs and leaves which form his bed. The light of the moon casts the most beautiful, mystical shadows over the entire area. A chorus of crickets and owls sing the tribe to sleep.

The man senses that a special string of events are unfolding that will change the course of the boy’s life and maybe the lives of others. He cannot see that anything special has happened yet ... he just knows that something is about to.

The man is telepathically asked by one of the spirits to remain near the boy for a while longer. He gladly does so ... and he can feel and see the radiant form of Alo by his side. Alo is very interested in what is happening, and seems to be intimately connected to the young dog who has a keen interest in the sacred bread that the boy has clutched to his heart. The young dog keeps his distance and Alo tells him that things will be all right. Alo knows of the special bonds between man and dog, and he whispers to the young dog that he should approach the boy and ask for the bread. He must
ask for it though, and not take it.

The man now sees that the boy is dreaming, and he meets the child’s radiant form in the child’s inner world. He does not say anything, he just floats with the boy in spirit and shares what can be described as the essential stirrings of the soul’s eternal heart.

Soon the boy drifts back into the shadows of sleep. Apparently, their healing mission is complete. The man can feel himself and Alo being pulled back to the present day reality by a great, unseen, universal force. As the sight of the boy disappears from view, the man sees that the young dog is sitting right in front of the boy and is patiently waiting for him to wake up. Chills run through the man’s spiritual form as he is electrified with a vision that things will turn out all right for the child.

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