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And the pack of dogs are aware of the pair, too. They see the advantages of being closer to people ... and the natural barriers separating man and dog begin dissolving on a much larger, broader scale.

This ushers in a new era of human-dog relationship that not only spreads in a single generation among the families of the Hu, but also throughout all the neighboring tribes up and down the valley.

With the help of the dog, the boy grows into a strong young man with a remarkably full and rich life. He has a wife and children and eventually becomes the clan’s shaman. He is known far and wide as the being who built the important bridge between man and dog.

In the man’s relationship with dogs, there is a sharing on the most primal levels of existence that goes far beyond mere survival. Animals have a certain understanding, vision, and intuition of Nature that is not available to people. Because of the energetic bonds between him and his dogs, the dogs’ intuitive knowing, and the information that they gather through their senses is effortlessly translated and integrated into his own being. Over time this allows the flowering of an expanded view of the unity of Life, and forms a new relationship with the world they share. In the transfer of energies and intelligence at such deep levels, without the man knowing it, he also absorbs the higher aspects of the dogs in terms of loyalty to others, and the ability to resonate with a love that is unconditional.

Throughout his long life, the man remains in contact with the radiant spirits of his inner world. He frequently asks them for insight ... and gets it without hesitation. He is connected, inside and out.

He often communes with the inner being who came to him in the dream long ago on that fateful night that changed his life. He is eternally grateful to the spirit for the part he played in helping bring about his friendship with dogs. Not only did it help him, but it helped every village in the world known by the Hu. The spirit, too, delights in knowing that the man made good with this life and spent it giving support and transmitting his love and wisdom to others.

Finally, the man grows to a very old age, and becomes a respected spiritual leader that unites all the clans in the world of the Hu. In the beginning of his life it was very hard and he felt all alone. But with a little help from kind spirits and the friendship of a good dog, his long life grew rich with many experiences.

In his final gift to his people, using his own life story as an example, he teaches them the value of taking care of those in their community who can not take care of themselves. As a child with physical limitations, he was discarded as a useless member of his clan. It was only because a dog reached out to him and took care of him, that he was able to thrive and make a profound contribution to the tribe and to people throughout the valley.

small spiral

No one stands alone in the harmonious structure of the Grand Universe. We are unified and whole ... it is our original state of being and fundamental reality.

larger spiral

The End.

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The man settles into the familiar flow of relaxation, emptiness and silence, and creates a sacred space inside himself. He is quickly absorbed into the delicious darkness of his inner world. Alo settles in too ... the man can feel Alo’s warm back snuggling up against his right foot and ankle.

Using his imagination, he brings the image of the boy to him. The boy grows brighter and brighter, and the man clearly sees the child’s radiant presence materialize before him. He telepathically says to the boy: “I have come to help you. We are going to resolve your situation — tonight!” With that, the boy fades into the dark background and the man can see a smile on his face as he disappears.

In the vastness of inner space, the man resumes contemplating the goal of helping the little boy. From past experiences, he is fully aware that the core harmonious structure and features of his inner world will help him on this mission and produce wonderful and amazing results.

The man rests comfortably in the inner stillness and waits for events to unfold on their own. The presence of Alo is strong and comforting.

Soon the man feels the stirring of energetic currents in the swirl of space. He feels the familiar sensation of moving up through the darkness and is very excited about the prospects of a new adventure for a very worthwhile cause. His awareness climbs upward through a slow, wide, delicious-feeling spiral. He is happy to see the image of Alo to his right and knows that his friend is coming with him.

Sensing a delicate shift in energy he feels the presence of another spirit who remains invisible. He receives a message from the spirit that this is not a solo journey, and that he is part of a small group of spirit beings who will be helping the boy. The spirit calls the purpose of their trip a healing, which is something the man has experienced during earlier excursions into the bright realms of the inner cosmos. On several occasions he has been involved in events in which he was the receiver of healings but this is the first time in which he will participate with a group of healers as one of them. It feels natural to him and also thrilling.

The party of three travel up and reach what seems like a plateau of space. Then they pick up speed and are propelled forward in an immense luminous arc.
[Reader: Imagine shooting an arrow at an angle that would make it travel the greatest distance ... but the distance takes the arrow to another world and thousands of years back in time. This group of spiritual travelers cover such an immense distance, space and time ... in seconds.]

As their trajectory flattens out, they slow down into an serene space of soothing darkness under a star-filled sky. The man is happy to feel the presence of Alo, who is still to his right, and the spirit who is on his left, slightly out in front and leading the way.

In the distance the party sees a dim gold light coming into view. It grows larger and brighter as they approach and he recognizes it to be a most beautiful full moon. Waves of thunder ring all around as they’re magnetically drawn to a certain, unseen destination. The faint sound of drums and chanting are heard, giving him the chills ... it is becoming clear that they are about to enter an ancient world of tribal ceremony.

Transfixed in wonder at the unfolding situation, the travelers descend into a rich natural environment glowing in gold moon light. At first the man’s vision is foggy, but things eventually clear and he can see that they are witnessing a sacred gathering of an ancient community. People are dancing around a large fire. The music is primitive, hypnotic and wonderful! The man is absolutely thrilled to be fully immersed in this experience as he knows who he is and where he has come from, and that he is here for a special purpose!

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