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Though one of the shaman’s most important rules is to not waste sacred bread, the boy feels he has something more significant to do. Following his own instincts, he breaks from tradition and slowly tears off a small chunk of the bread and carefully lifts it as an offering. The dog cocks his head to the side in a long pause, and slowly leans forward, smells the bread ... and ever-so gently takes it from the boy’s fingers.

This is a precious moment! In the quiet of a moonlit night some 10,000 years ago, was the birth of a deep bond between dog and man ... at least in the world known to the Hu.

The dog stays near the boy that night and is waiting for him to wake up as the sun rises above the mountains. For a long time, the child has not felt that anyone cares for him ... but now he is in the company of a being who does.

They flow with ease into their unusual relationship as both are innocent enough to allow the openness that permits close physical and emotional bonds to grow. All day, the dog follows the boy around and when they are alone, the boy is even able to pet the dog. Soon they are inseparable.

Within weeks the boy and the dog have formed a team. The dog becomes an extension of the boy’s senses and enhances the child’s connection to the world. What the boy lacks in vision, hearing and speed, the dog makes up for. They move through and interact with the world as, more-or-less, a single unified being. They help each other on many levels: the dog finds meat and shares it with his friend, and the boy shares whatever food he comes up with. They share companionship, everyday experiences, dreams and many things in life that cannot be described in words. Soon, they are even sharing body warmth on cold winter nights.

When spring comes, the dog trusts the boy so thoroughly that he walks with the boy through the village, staying close to his side. The Hu people, who had been witnessing the rapid development of the boy-dog bond, can not believe their eyes! They have never seen a dog behave in this manner — being so close and at ease with a human. And they understand the deep significance of the relationship. Not only is the boy snatched from death by his friendship with the dog, but now they both are flourishing. The boy appears to have gained weight, he looks taller and certainly walks with more confidence. The Hu have never seen a person with such physical limitations look so normal, healthy and strong. It is clear that the dog has made the difference.

The dog’s companionship, senses and abilities added to what the boy brought to the table, connecting both of them to their world in new and successful ways.

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As the man becomes absorbed in the image before him, he senses that the boy is very sad — that he has a serious problem. He also has an incredibly strong spirit. He can see that the child is around 6 years of age. The man does not believe the boy is real, or is from a past life or anything like that. The fact is, he does not disbelieve it either. All he knows is that the image of the boy keeps re-appearing in his inner world — that is all, and nothing more. The man knows the Universe to be an infinitely mysterious, unknown place, so he leaves the reality of what the little boy is as a mystery. He feels totally comfortable with that.

The man’s intuitive nature has developed, and he sees that the image and presence of the boy in his inner world is a part of his larger Universal Self. He thinks that because the image of the boy is returning to him, over and over again throughout his life, that there must be a deep and special meaning to their relationship. He also feels that the boy is stuck, unable to move on. He seems to be facing a large hurdle which is why he always appears in the same way and with the same energy and feelings. But now rather than just let the boy’s image come and go as usual, the man has inner skills that allows him to reach out and interact with the characters and environments composing his inner world. He instinctively wants to help the boy and he is determined to do so.

The man has developed several ways to engage with re-writing memories and influencing his inner cosmos. His favorite method is to start with a clear desired goal, and then enter the inner world in full, functional consciousness to spontaneously work in the here-and-now with the energies, situations, events and beings as they unfold. The key ingredient is to keep the desired goal as a radiant powerhouse in his heart, which has the effect of guiding the outcome of the events that unfold in the inner environment.

What he is about to do in his inner world with the image and presence of the boy is new territory for him. This is not a normal memory that he is used to working with. Still the man realizes that he can use the same inner skills that he uses with his own childhood memories to reach inward and connect with the boy and help him in some way.

With special inner projects like this, the man rises in the earliest hours of the morning. Because no one is up and moving about, this allows him to proceed undisturbed with full concentration. This particular night happens to be a full moon which he sees as a good omen. Curiously, on his inner journeys, the time of day in the outer physical world is often reflected and seen as he travels through the inner cosmos.

The man rises at 2 a.m. and becomes fully awake with hot cups of Earl Gray tea and a little reading. Once he is fully awake, he tiptoes to a spare bedroom and to his favorite place for practicing stillness ... followed as usual, by Alo. The man can already sense that something special will be happening this morning — as if the events that he is about to witness and participate in, are calling to him from the future. He is excited and feels electrified throughout his entire being. Before even settling down, the image of the little boy starts coming to him. “Wait, wait ... I’m coming ... hold on” he says to himself and the boy.

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