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Excited to have the sacred bread in his presence for the night, the boy closes his eyes and reaches inward to contemplate his life. Even though he is so young, he feels that he has been through dire situations just like this many times before. He knows this reality, and he has experienced its conclusion. But tonight is different — he feels no need or fascination to replay dreams of how it has ended in past lives. He is ready ... and has the will and nerve to move on.

The boy looks inward to the radiant spirits and prays. His inner orientation is not like that which is taught by the elders and common to his tribe. In his communion there’s no emotional pleading. His message is bravely intoned as a powerful, authentic command: “If YOU want me to continue in this world, I need help! Make me strong! Send a guide.” A satisfied smile spreads across his face with the hopeful feelings that ring through his heart. With that, the boy quietly falls asleep and merges with the songs of crickets and owls.

The boy has a most wonderful dream. Appearing in his vision is a luminous spirit in strange clothes and a skin color that he has not seen before. The spirit’s eyes are green which is a color that he has never seen in a human being. The spirit says nothing but simply radiates care and love as he floats above the child. The boy instantly feels connected to the being and is saturated in his field of energy. They drift in timelessness together and then the dream itself floats away as the boy falls back into the shadows of sleep.

It is the middle of night and the bright moon is still casting its golden light when the boy wakes up to the presence of an animal sitting on the ground right in front of him. With the thought of the dream still in his awareness, he feels no threat in the experience that’s unfolding. He feels that the spirit in the dream has a part in what is happening.

As his vision comes into focus, he sees that the animal is a young dog from the pack that follows his people. The dog is sitting upright. He is alert, and looking straight at the boy from just 3 feet away. This is unheard of as all dogs keep a respectful distance from the Hu, as the dogs know that humans see everything as a meal. But this dog, for the moment, has dropped his normal defenses. From the core of his being, rising like the full moon, comes a deep understanding that the heart of the boy means him no harm.

The boy softly giggles at the look of the dog who has his ears going in two different directions. The dog seems to have a crazy grin on his face, too. He looks into the boy’s eyes, then glances at the bread ... then quickly shifts back to the boy’s eyes ... and then back to the bread. The dog is obviously hungry, but the boy thinks how wonderful it is that the dog did not charge him and steal the bread. The dog has friendly respect for the boy and his precious food. The boy instinctively is in awe of the young dog’s attitude which he has never experienced before.

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Once the man becomes fully aware of what is happening in the deepest regions of himself, he becomes actively involved in creating new story lines for the memories and directing how they will be changed. This takes a few days to figure it out, as such inner work is new territory for him and he had never heard of anyone doing this before ... except in
Finding My Inner Father (which is only a myth, right?). For a few days, he goes through a period of rehearsals in his mind as to the best way to alter the key memories. Then one day, during his silent time, while fully concentrating, he takes a journey back to a key memory that he wants to change, and becomes immersed in its world. But this time, he re-lives the memory and alters its usual sequence of events, directing the new content and story-line to play out in the memory ... just as he had planned. Once the memory is re-cast with new content and a new ending, he returns to fully awake, outward consciousness. He relaxes and contemplates what has just happened.

In the days and weeks that followed he can not help but re-play the fascinating, entertaining memory that he has redesigned so beautifully. In fact, as time goes on, he finds that the new memory has become the dominate memory, over-shadowing the old one, in his inner data bank. This is a significant milestone in his life, as from that point on, the old memory has no control over him. The energy of it is no longer sitting in a position of power in the quantum field, giving shape to his current personal reality. The new memory and its new energy has taken its place, and the energetic structure of it feels much better. This makes the events and situations of his life unfold in more harmonious, satisfying ways.

The man is delighted in this new found, seemingly magical skill to work with his inner cosmos. He uses it to re-cast several key memories that have been bothering him his entire life. The results of such powerful inner work makes a new sense of identity and unity arise in him. He experiences the unfolding of a deeply familiar presence that only exists in the eternal here-and-now — a spiritual presence that he recognizes as his true nature — an original essence that is connected to everything in the universe. His transformation has taken him to a new personal reality that is deeply satisfying and ultimately enjoyable. Alo knows it too, and is quite happy to see his friend enjoy life while being so composed.

Time passes and the man becomes more balanced and aware of finer inner levels. He becomes completely fascinated with his inner world and the great mysteries it holds.

One curious thing that he starts noticing is an image of a poor little boy in tattered clothes that keeps reappearing in his inner world. At first he just thinks it to be one of the many images that his mind is re-calling from the daily news stories. But as he looks more closely at the boy, and traces his appearance through his memory banks, he realizes that this is an image of a child that had been appearing and disappearing throughout his entire life. In fact, during his times of stillness, when he recalls the boy and fully concentrates on him, bringing the image closer and clearer — the man sees that the boy is not poor, but is wearing buck skins. He then knows that the boy is not from current news stories, but is from a time long ago.

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