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Life is difficult for the Hu, as two years of low rainfall has taken its toll on both the wheat crop and the presence of small game animals. The tribe is weak and needs more. Hence the boy is on the very edge of the larger problem that the Hu clan is experiencing.

Tonight is very special for the clan. All are gathered around a giant fire and led by the shaman who is blessing the hunters to bring them safety and good fortune on their journeys. The boy is not a part of the activities, but loves watching from a solitary place in the shadows. The dancing, the flames, the rhythmic sounds of drums and sticks, the smell of burning sage and swirling shadows cast a hypnotic, intoxicating spell to the very depths of the boy’s being.

As he is experiencing the festive gathering he becomes aware that he is not the only being out here on the edge of the group. Fifty feet to his right, slightly above a group of rocks that rest below a tower of trees, he can see the dimly lit faces and shapes of the pack of dogs that follow the clan. The dogs are not pets but are accepted by the clan as being helpful, as they act as sentinels to the outside world. They warn the Hu when lions are near or when a scouting party from neighboring tribes approaches. The Hu and the dogs have a mutually beneficial relationship, as the pack receive some protection just being near the humans, and occasionally are able to eat some of the spoiled foods that the Hu discard. The dogs live on the outside edge of the village, are shy, easily spooked, and know their place. No dog has ever been a part of any Hu family as their nature does not mix at this stage of their evolution. The boy often feels that he and the pack have something in common.

As the ritual draws to a close and the people go back to their huts, the boy emerges from the darkness and approaches the fire. He searches along the outer ring where the shaman was dancing, where he noticed that the medicine man had accidentally dropped a sacred piece of bread. No one had retrieved it. The boy finds the bread, picks it up and blows off a bit of dust. Rather than eating it now, he thinks it might be better to keep it by his side tonight and use the powers it contains to attract the divine spirits that can give him the help and guidance he so desperately needs.

The boy has his own small lean-to that he built on the edge of the village, and he soon settles into the leaves and furs that form his bed. Lying on his side he cradles the sacred bread to the center of his chest which the shaman says is the most sacred space on a human’s body. A full moon is above and a beautiful light fills a chamber of space before him that is framed by tall trees and brush.

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In the year after first processing his personal Story for Transformation, he rescues a dog named Alo from a shelter. Alo is rather old and considered un-adoptable, but the man feels a special connection with him and he gives him a home.

Alo quickly became his best friend and side kick. They are inseparable and the dog even goes to work with him. When the man practices daily stillness (his own custom-made method to quiet his mind and feelings) Alo’s favorite spot is right beside him.

The bond between Alo and him coincides with the man’s inner transformation and gives him greater access to his intuitive nature. And the unconditional love that only dogs can give is a welcome gift. This may seem over-stated to people who are not animal lovers, but Alo helped the man develop as a spiritual being. The dog is fiercely loyal, silent, wise, and noble ... and has the air of an old soul. The natural exchange of energy in the Universe, which is especially fluid between compatible beings allows the transfer of the dog’s best qualities into the quiet recesses of the man’s own being.

Shortly after the man realizes his transformation, he becomes aware that his mind has started using one of the fascinating techniques that was suggested in
Finding My Inner Father. In the story, the main character returns to a significant key memory that had cast its influence throughout her life. As a result, she magically manipulates the central energy composing the memory and creates a new story-line in the memory which produces a new powerful ending. This changes the way the memory resides in the woman, and literally changes her life. The key memory is essentially re-written in the deepest level of her ... and, of course, in the universal quantum field.

Up until this point the man thought that the interesting mental technique in the story was simply a part of a rich, well-told fairy-tale. But now — months after engaging with the story — as he looks into himself he sees that subconsciously he has actually started using the technique to engage with certain key memories of his own. His conscious awareness was not even involved. It’s incredible! He experiences chills throughout his body as he realizes the depth and mystery of the process and how it is aligned to his deepest nature.

Subconsciously he has been going back to important childhood memories of a negative nature that have been replaying in his mind for decades. He intuitively knows that those memories and the energy and symbols that compose them, were shaping his personal reality since their inception. And so, it seems that a higher aspect of himself had been triggered after processing the
Finding My Inner Father story, and that higher aspect had been carefully reviewing those memories and planning how they could be transformed.

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