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“Eternal Heart” is two stories in one.

The story that should be read first is in the green box on the left of each page. The other story is on the right, outside of the box. The stories are to be read separately, but after reading both stories you will see that they are intertwined like a metaphysical double helix.

Even if these are not “your stories,” it’s highly recommended that they be read and absorbed at least once, as they transmit an intuitive intelligence that will be helpful in processing all other Stories for Transformation.


six year old boy living in ancient times stands on a rocky precipice and looks in wonder at his mysterious world. He sees an expansive, seemingly endless, grass-filled valley, framed by a magnificent pair of parallel mountain ranges. His people live in the foothills above the valley floor, on a small flat area of land that’s accessed by a steep trail. This is his clan’s favorite space ... one that has good water, sun, shade, relative safety and spectacular views of the roaming herds of animals below. There are soaring eagles and ever-changing clouds above. It is 10,000 years ago.

His people call themselves the Hu. There are 53 members currently in the clan. They have several home encampments, as they migrate with the rhythms of the sun, moon and food. It is the fall season and they have already arrived at their winter home.

The boy has physical problems and is not fully integrated into his clan. He’s not an outcast, but is seen as a “runt” of his people. He was born with a deformed left foot (it bends inward) which creates a slight limp and prevents him from running at top speed. He is also blind in his right eye and deaf in his right ear due to an infection that nearly took his life as a baby. Around that time, his father left on a hunting trip and never returned. His mother was taken in by another man who clearly sees the boy as a burden. These are serious problems for the child, and over the years he has not received the support or food he needs. This has made the boy the smallest of all the children his age.

Though he is young, he is wise. The boy sees the writing on the wall, and knows that his life will likely increase in difficulty and be short. His hopes for a bright future — to enjoy a big life, have a family, and be a meaningful part of his clan — are dim.

But inside himself glows an ember of hope. He has listened well to the shaman tell the spiritual stories of his people. The medicine man speaks of mysterious forces that give life and shape to their world and to invisible spirits that harbor the wisdom and intelligence of the whole universe. The boy feels that if it is his destiny to live through the winter, then he will need the help of such spirits, as his clan’s lack of support will soon bring his current existence to a close.

The Hu are a mixture of hunters and farmers. They prefer meat, but get a steady supply of food from the wild wheats that they have learned how to grow in concentrated patches making it easier to harvest. The boy is incapable of keeping up with the hunters, and so is more helpful to the women with the crops of grain. No mature men work with the grains and he can see that his time is limited in this area, too.

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his story is about a regular guy. He lives in a modest home on the edge of town and has a family, a dog and the usual trappings of life.

For a decade he worked for a major power company but recently made the bold move to strike out on his own as a private contractor installing solar power units. His business keeps him busy, pays the bills, and he enjoys working for himself in an area that’s good for the planet.

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A year earlier, the man was surprised to find that the story Finding My Inner Father had special meaning for him. He did not have an issue with his father, but rather, his mother. He knew that the story was symbolic, and that the genders of the characters were not important. It was the main message that mattered — he recognized it as his story.

The man followed the suggested reading instructions for Stories for Transformation, and he immersed himself in the story for a month. He sometimes complained that the story was too long, but he did his best and stuck with it. Besides, it was a fascinating story. He often thought about its central ideas, wondering if any of them could be true. And he often thought about how it related to his life, his past, and his current psychological make-up. After a month of engagement with the story, he sensed no immediate changes in himself but that was fine as no harm was brought about by it either.

As the days and weeks passed, he noticed that key parts of
Finding My Inner Father would come and go freely in his awareness, and a delicate thread of the story had been woven into his own inner world.

Months passed, and then one day, as he was at work doing a routine job and daydreaming about his life, it dawned on him that somehow over the past year — slowly, mysteriously, and without effort — he had undergone an inner transformation. As compared to his starting point of a year ago, he was a new man!

This was not a revelation, as he understood that people change all the time. This was a practical realization in which he clearly saw and knew that a fundamental shift in who he was had happened. Externally he was the same — internally, he was not. He now was far more internally composed and able to see the bigger picture of Life and feel part of it. The little things that used to bother him, no longer had the same interest or control over his heart and mind. His love for his family and friends was deepened and less subject to the ups and downs of daily life. And, as these transformations were slowly unfolding, he also lost the fixation on who he thought he was, i.e. as a solid, knowable, physical being. He now felt lighter, higher (more atmospheric you might say) and knew himself to be a spiritual being. He saw that he was a great mystery — and he grew comfortable with it. Very comfortable. In fact, he embraced that aspect of himself.

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