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Returning Home

The sun is now well above the eastern horizon and Sarah can hear a nearby village beginning to stir. The elephants have taken them on a journey that was a giant loop and she now can see their starting point quickly approaching.

Once again, the kind elephants kneel down and the riders dismount.

Sarah approaches her young friend who is petting the elephant she rode and is whispering something in his ear. When finished, the girl turns to Sarah with a radiant smile, and asks “Did you think about the trip aboard the elephants, our destination, and its meaning?”

Sarah looks around, acknowledging that they’ve come back to the same place, and responds: “There is no external destination. We’ve already arrived at ‘the destination’ which is the present moment ... which has been here all along. The meaning is that everything is complete and whole, just as it should be. The elephants are symbols of All That Is, and the powerful flow of Creation. We can sit comfortably in the flow and be guided by Source, and as part of Source, we are also invited to shape our destiny and the journey ahead.”

The little girl says nothing but beams a broad smile. They thank the elephant caretakers and leave to return home.

On their walk back, the little girl mentions to Sarah that she no longer has to return to India, that she has everything she needs and is complete. Sarah knows this to be true, and is surprised to feel that she is not saddened by her friend’s words, knowing that she may never see the physical form of the child again.

Sarah knows that the spirit of her friend is so much more than her body or its physical location, and that the inner world is the spirit’s native home. In fact, the child’s essence has blended into and become a part of Sarah. She realizes that her core vibration is made of the same intelligence, compassion and wisdom as that of the little girl who lives as a channel of Source Reality. Sarah now fully accepts this as her truth and returns home to embrace her life and destiny.


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