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iding atop a swaying elephant in a tide of great beasts, was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for Sarah. But being in the presence of a truly magnificent being — a person who has all the particles of her existence aligned and flowing in unity and wholeness — happens once in a thousand lifetimes. A sovereign being of this nature was riding the elephant just ahead of her, and this is who she has come to see — a quiet little girl with the most beautiful chocolate-red skin. The procession is slowly moving eastward through a meadow of lush waist-high grass. The song of crickets and birds fills the air as the first golden rays of sunlight bring a new day to India.

This is Sarah’s second journey to Asia in three years. She is a much different person than before the first trip. With every breath she takes, Sarah is grateful for the transformation that moved her to this present state of being. On her first trip, she carried the burden of self hate and disconnection that she had known all her life. But quite unexpectedly, the little girl who became her friend during the original trek, passed along a spark of energy and spirit to Sarah that changed everything.
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“The elephant’s life is one of silent thunder” Sarah whispers to herself, marveling at her new ability to spontaneously speak in poetic phrases. She appreciates their gentle stealth, nobility and massive size. They seem to know exactly where to go, while also being intimately in-tune with their riders. All she has to do is think about going left, slightly to the right or stopping ... and it magically happens. For now the herd is moving as one, and she is immersed in the orchestrated flow.

As Sarah gently sways above the meadows and forest of India, she reflects on her life ...

Just a couple years ago, she was so involved with her own problems, she could never have had such grateful thoughts about elephants or anything in nature for that matter. The transformation that she experienced has completely altered her point of view, her thoughts, feelings, and even the field of her sense perceptions.

In the past when she would hear a bird sing on a beautiful morning like this, she might simply notice it for a split second and then move on to “more important things.” Now however, when she hears a bird sing, not only does she usually recognize the species, but an entire new world of perception opens to her. On the wings of the song are packets of visual information regarding the bird. Inside herself, as she listens to the bird’s song, she can see the bird itself ... its color and features ... she can see where it’s sitting in the tree, the sky behind it ... and how it hops among the branches. She also sees the other birds nearby and can even sense the mood of the group. This gateway of perception extends to everything in life that truly interests her and she recently noticed that through it she occasionally previews events that are soon to appear in her future.

In her investigation of this fascinating perceptual process and how it comes about, Sarah learns that the first step is to allow associative memories of the subject to arise normally on their own. Then the new type of perception automatically flows on the heels of those memories which allows her inner vision to see real events happening in the external world that are at a distance or hidden from normal sight. She learned that this perceptual ability is a type of clairvoyance called remote viewing. Such doors of perception were utterly unknown and unavailable to Sarah before she came to India the first time. Sarah did not try to develop these abilities — they simply unfolded on their own in the months and years after meeting the little girl. She came to understand that those abilities were a part of herself all along and that the child simply gave her the confidence and permission to access and use them. But Sarah’s young friend means so much more to her than her newly-found clairvoyant skills.

It is the child who suggests that they go on this trip aboard the elephants. They started in the pre-dawn darkness with a sliver of moon hanging in the west and the starry river of the Milky Way spreading above. As the elephants knelt to the ground to allow the riders to mount them, the little girl asked Sarah to think about their possible destination and the symbolic meaning that this journey contains. That is what Sarah is pondering now as they move through the softly lit meadow.

Sarah is a young, intelligent woman, who graduated from college three years ago. Before starting a career in science, she embarked on a trip to the far corners of the globe. Her life had always been promising, but the biggest thing holding her back was her own terrible opinion of herself. This issue was actually a spiritual wound so deep, it was like Sarah was at war with herself ... and she was losing. Not only did she feel disconnected at the core of her being, but also to everything in Life. This made no sense to her as she knew she was intelligent and talented in many ways. Over-shadowing that knowledge was the fact that she was stuck in a deep, self-deprecating, self-involved rut ... an endless loop of doubt and gloom, and could not find a way out. She had been in therapy for years and friends told her to look on the bright side, to “love herself” and all the usual stuff. But everyone’s honest efforts to help proved to be nothing more than empty words that carried no meaningful effect.

On her first trip to India, she secretly carried the hope of finding herself ... or rather — losing her old attitude and finding a new way to be in her skin and engage with life. In fact, she was more committed to resolving her inner problems than what her waking consciousness was aware of. Inside herself Sarah was truly ready to change, and the trip she took to the other side of the world was a natural expression of the inner journey that had already begun.

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