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Please visit the online version of Stories for Transformation
so that you may learn what this unique book is all about.

The Book: Stories for Transformation, Stories 1-5. 176 pages includes all the stories and information in the SFT area of this website plus compelling visionary art in beautiful grayscale. A luxurious book design utilizing wide margins and easy-to-read type. $11.98

The Book: Stories for Transformation

The Book: Stories for Transformation


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180-page PDF!

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or readers who are using Stories for Transformation as a tool for personal transformation, and who are faithfully re-visiting and contemplating the stories over an extended period of time as suggested in the Reading Instructions, they are likely to find the book to be a more effective, friendlier companion to do this type of subtle, often profound, inner energy work. The book is a unique piece of art that is made to have a personal relationship with the reader.

The book allows you to take SFT to places that computers may not easily go — like to your favorite chair for reading, or with you on hikes, car trips, to the park and beach. With the book, you can curl up in bed to read “your stories,” which is a wonderful thing to do before going to sleep.

The book is for you if you prefer to read a book rather than a computer screen ... especially when the content is personal, transformative and profound ... and you want the interaction to take you to new worlds, visions and feelings ... knowing that such journeys will create new memories at the very heart of your Being.

This is a one-of-a-kind book that has its own style. It transmits a unique energy that gently expands your mind and heart.

Luxury type and page design

This book features large, easy-to-read 14 point type and wide margins. The page layout reflects the new design standards suggested by the publishing industry to provide a “luxury reading experience” to a diverse audience who naturally have a wide range of visual abilities. Research clearly shows that key messages and concepts presented in large legible type generates more effective communication and better understanding, as compared to the same messages presented in smaller type.

Page design samples
Click icons to see larger versions
SFT Full Cover   SFT The Emissary   SFT The Emissary
The full cover:
front, back & spine
Side-by-side pages from the story Finding My Inner Father The first two pages of the story Child

About Stories for Transformation

Stories for Transformation is a collection of short stories that form a safe, incredibly simple, user-friendly tool for personal transformation.

The stories are designed to expand the reader’s internal imagery, feelings and beliefs which reveal and unlock orchestrated fields of awareness that live at the core of their life and the heart of the Universe.

The simple purpose behind this project is to help the reader shift to more harmonious states of Being. Such intimate, often outwardly-invisible transformations are significant achievements for any individual. They are also the necessary forerunners to providing a sheltered womb for the incubation of a grand and precious dream ... a dream of wholeness so profound that it transcends our present life and this world. Encoded within these stories is the essence of a remarkable vision — not only of you, dear Reader, but of humanity’s future as well.

The author and designer of this book is a
Spiritual-Visionary Art Consultant @ LivePerson:

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