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Mirror Neurons light-up the brain
The New Psychology
The New Psychology
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Watch movie on mirror neuronsNeurons are electrically excitable cells in the brain, spinal cord and nerves that process and transmit information. They communicate through electrical and chemical signals known as synaptic transmissions. Every neuron is connected to as many as 10,000 other neurons. The human brain consists of 100 billion neurons which reflects the total number of stars in our galaxy.

Mirror Neurons: We are wired to connect.


euroscientists have discovered specialized cells in the brain, called mirror neurons, that spontaneously create brain-to-brain links between people. This means that our brain waves, chemistry and feelings can literally mirror the brain waves, chemistry and feelings of people who we are communicating with, reading stories about, watching on television, or those who we simply have in our thoughts. This is perfectly natural and has been happening all along. It allows us to instantly empathize with others and to know what they are feeling and experiencing.

Mirror neurons play a key role in understanding two of the most significant areas of interest on this website:
1)   Mirror neurons help form the essential brain-to-brain circuitry of the human WiFi neurological system, allowing communication to flow back and forth on the inner telepathic network of the human species: the Soul Connection Network. (NOTE: this website is named in honor of our telepathic communication system.)  
2)   Mirror neurons are vital to how personal reality is created, customized and shared. Through them we have the innate ability to mirror and assimilate the desirable thoughts, feelings and inspiration of others.

Mirror neurons allow us to dial into, link-up, and reflect — within our own hearts and minds — the thoughts, feelings and energies of people we love and admire, and those who we find fascinating and inspirational.

Mirror neurons do not discriminate. They simply mirror and allow us to energetically assimilate who we are holding in our minds. Hence, if we obsessively think about a person who we do not like, then we are linking-up with him, reflecting his mind, and energetically assimilating his feelings into ours ... making his psychic and emotional realities a part of ours.

Knowing how mirror neurons work, we are free to decide who we want to connect with, feel, and absorb. We also know who we have been connecting with and assimilating, as their thoughts, feelings and subtle energies — for better or worse — are blended into our own.

The brain’s mirroring ability

Mirror neurons are a certain type of brain cells that are activated when a person performs an action and also when he observes, hears and even reads about the same action performed by another person. These neurons actually “mirror” the behavior of another person, as though the observer was performing the action, first-hand, himself.

That is, the mirror neurons in an observer’s brain replicates the electrical signals and brain chemistry of the person that he is observing — or even reading about.
“UCLA researchers show that specialized brain cells known as mirror neurons activate both when we observe the actions of others and when we simply read sentences describing the same action. When we read a book, these specialized cells respond as if we are actually doing what the book character was doing.” (1)

[NOTE: This is remarkable support for why and how our Stories for Transformation work.]


Certain brain regions are active when a person experiences an emotion and when they see another person experiencing an emotion. Mirror neurons are linked to empathy.

When we interact with someone, we create representations of their actions, sensations and emotions within our minds. To our brains, it is as if we are the ones who are moving, sensing and feeling.

Through mirror neurons, we instinctively and effortlessly put ourselves in the shoes of the person we are observing or thinking about. Without any conscious effort, our brain instantly mirrors theirs, allowing us to feel what they are feeling and see things from their perspective.

We are natural mind readers

Mirror neurons, act like the brain’s WiFi communication system and allows the sharing of the emotional flow, movement and intentions from person to person. The WiFi brain-to-brain connection links people’s holographic inner worlds through the law of vibrational attraction. Emotional closeness further allows the energetic mental states of people to be shared and absorbed.
“With mirror neurons we do not have to pretend to be in another person’s mental shoes ... we practically are in another person’s mind.” (2)

Being with someone who is truly happy, motivates our mirror neurons to create a similar response in our own brain, leading us towards a similar emotional reaction.
“Mirror neurons enable emotions to spread like a contagion, allowing one person to infect another with their mood, particularly if these feelings are strongly expressed.” (3)

“Mirror neurons break down the barriers between people. They are the basis of empathy. They are involved in imitation and learning. They allow you to put yourself in other people’s shoes, to adopt their point of view. Just as mirror neurons allow you to take another’s perspective, they allow you to see yourself, to reflect. This, I believe, is a part of what we call self-awareness.” (4)
On the other hand, a person with a brain that lacks an active mirror neuron system, may find it difficult to establish emotional links with others ... and to see their own Self, in the mirror of their mind.

Gender differences

Researchers using the most advanced brain imaging technology, have recorded stronger responses related to the mirror neuron system in women as compared to men. Their findings are consistent with the idea that women tend to be more empathetic, and of course, the mirror neuron system is related to empathy.

I say that the human mirror neuron system maybe more naturally active in women, but that it really has to do with the
feminine nature which is present in everyone. Men, of course, can be equally empathetic and intuitive as women which means that they are able to have a highly developed mirror neuron system. A weak mirror neuron system translates into reduced feelings of empathy, and may be linked to an excessive masculine-oriented mind style.

Our communication network
Introduction to Mirror Neurons
The mirror neuron network is like the WiFi hardware system that connects and intertwines all the brains of all the people in the human family. This hardware network allows for the transmission and reception of holograph content between people. The holographic content are the very thoughts, images and feelings that we see and interacting with, inside ourselves. Hence, each person’s inner world is intimately connected to, shared, and supported by other like-minded and like-feeling people — who can be anywhere on the planet.

Again: we may think that our thoughts are our exclusive property, that they belong to us and that we alone can see them. But actually, through our own desires, interests, and unique vibrational signatures, we are tuning into and interacting with the thoughts, feelings, dreams and imaginative mental movies of people who have a similar vibration as ours.


(1) PHSYORG.COM: First Evidence Found of Mirror Neuron’s Role in Language.
(2) Marco Iacoboni, neuroscientist, University of California, Los Angeles School of Medicine.
(3) Daniel Goleman, author of Social Intelligence: The New Science Of Human Relationships.
(4) V.S. Ramachandran, professor of psychology and neuroscience at University of California, San Diego.

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