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Introduction to Heart & Soul Conversations, with Sollena

hese conversations are powerful catalysts
that can help you through times of deep
transformation, assisting you to become
aware of the center-most truths that live within
your soul. They are effective ways to increase
love, joy, compassion, forgiveness and peace.”

— Sollena K. Morginn

Visit Sollena's bio page on the Harmonic Hearts website
Reserve a sessionThe session begins with a heart to heart connection during a moment of stillness. During your journey a beautiful sacred space is created by calling forth the highest most loving Creator Source energy as well as your own highest evolutionary guidance to be present for the session. Sollena works with you to gently activate a new level of alignment — by helping you to release limiting beliefs and thoughts that keep you from living a harmonious life.

The conversation will bring you a new level of vibration energy — spiritually, psychologically and emotionally — as your Whole Being is seen in its exquisite, vibrant unity. You are guided to design new levels of alignment so you can live a life in which your own truths and self-healing abilities inspire and renew you.

Heart & Soul ConversationsHeart & Soul ConversationsHeart & Soul ConversationsHeart & Soul ConversationsHeart & Soul ConversationsHeart & Soul ConversationsHeart & Soul ConversationsHeart & Soul ConversationsHeart & Soul Conversations are good for:
Follow-up support after receiving personal Holographic Heart Sessions.
Helping you to live and align to the center-most truths that lives within your own soul.
Supporting you to move through major transitional events, such as loss of a loved one, creating sacred marriage ceremonies, and for realizing and enhancing your life’s work.
Asking questions about the Law of Attraction, the Personal Inner Hologram, and how to maintain your healthiest, most harmonious vibrational alignment.
Teaching you how to apply the simple principles of the Holographic Alignment energy system in your daily life.

Harmonic HeartsThis is not a “reading” or a classic therapy session. This is a personal conversation with Sollena — a spiritual catalyst — a highly intuitive being and certified Empowerment Life Coach who is skilled at tuning-into and understanding subtle energy systems and personal inner holographic environments.

During our time together, we can discuss 1 to 2 areas of interests that are most important to you. The Law of Attraction is used throughout the conversation, to help guide you to the goals that you have defined.

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