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An evolution in understanding, from the
Traditional to the Sacred:

Traditional Psychology is the study of the human mind, emotions and behaviors. But, what it has turned into is a science and industry that is oriented to mental and emotional problems, and attempts to fix them.

Positive Psychology is the study and practice of the strengths and virtues that enable individuals, families and communities to thrive. It celebrates human resilience and emotional strengths. Simply put: positive psychology believes in people and in the innate goodness of human nature. It explores the heart, mind and behaviors to discover what makes people happy, content, peaceful, loving, compassionate and understanding. Positive psychology is oriented to living from the heart. It feels the many textures of energy available in all of life — positive, negative and every shade in between — and chooses to live, love, attract and grow in positive-oriented energies.

The New Psychology is everything that positive psychology is, with the addition that it sees the foundation of the mind and emotions of a human being to be based in Infinity. One could say that the new psychology is positive psychology with a Buddhist flavor. Hence, the infinite stillness and peace of the Universe are seen as part of the foundation from which emotional and mental processes emerge. Furthermore, a person’s mental and emotional flow are not isolated, but are part of a social energy complex that is shared with other like-minded and like-hearted beings, telepathically. The new psychology also celebrates and explores the seemingly miraculous abilities of self-healing and self-balancing, that are present in various degrees as part of the original, natural make-up of all beings.

Sacred Psychology is everything that new psychology is, with the addition that it sees the immortal soul as the essence of a human being and the offspring of Prime Creator. Hence: sacred psychology understands that the essence behind the evolving mind-emotions-behavior complex of a physical dimension human is an intelligent, spiritually-oriented, quantum being, who is rooted in mystical infinity. It sees the mind-emotions-behaviors as vehicles for the soul to sense, explore and to transform creation. A being’s thoughts, feelings and dreams are set in an infinitely well-orchestrated, entangled, multi-dimensional Universe.

As a multi-dimensional being, the soul literally has parts of itself in many dimensions, simultaneously. The mental processes and behaviors composing a body-mind vehicle that the soul uses to explore a dimension, transmits subtle energies and holographic impressions to other parts of itself that are using different body-mind vehicles to experience other dimensions. This sharing of energies, psychic information, knowledge and wisdom across dimensions are taken into account in sacred psychology

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