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Video and Interactive Media: Metaphysics

Cosmos  |  Holographic Universe  |  Holographic Awareness
Frontiers of Consciousness  |  Multiple Dimensions
Multi-Dimensional Self  |  Timelines & Probabilities
Parallel Universes



The universe considered as orderly,
harmonious, integrated and whole.

The metaphysical study of the origin
and nature of the universe.

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Holographic Universe

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Holographic Awareness

Holographic Awareness
is not the exclusive
property of any person, group, religion, or branch
of science, nor is training needed to acquire it.
It is the original awareness that you were born
with and have been using all your life. As natural
as light flowing from the sun and beautiful trees
that grow in quiet meadows, it is the media of
expression for the Holographic Universe that is
shared and reflected everywhere.

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Frontiers of Consciousness

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Multiple Dimensions

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Multi-Dimensional Self

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Timelines & Probabilities

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Parallel Universes

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Galleries of Inspiration Galleries of Inspiration
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