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Galleries of Inspiration Galleries of Inspiration
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Galleries of Inspiration
Galleries of Inspiration Galleries of Inspiration

Video and Interactive Media: Channeled Guidance

Channeled Guidance

“What on Earth? Inside the Crop Circle Mystery”
Visit the movie’s website and purchase the DVD.

NEW! — Purchase “What on Earth” through iTunes.

EXCELLENT PREVIEW: 9 videos in this “What on Earth” Youtube playlist:

“Brilliant, groundbreaking ...
  incredibly beautiful and powerful.”
  Whitley Strieber, Bestselling Author  

“By far the most comprehensive,
  well-balanced, and heart-centered
  overview of crop circles I have seen.”
  Alan Cohen, Author & Teacher  

“A must-have documentary.”
  Kinetics Magazine  

“Absolutely stunning.”
  Bob Hieronimus, 21st Century Radio/Future Talk  

“Spellbinding ... utterly entertaining.”
  Jay Levin, Founder, Los Angeles Weekly  
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