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Welcome to the Galleries of Inspiration on the Soul Connection Network website. This page is for the Soul Story "I'm on my way ..." by Teka Luttrell.

Soul Stories by Teka Luttrell

I’m on my way ...
This is a story of love and reincarnation. It is a tale of Lover and Beloved who are separated by vast stretches of cosmic space and thousands of years of linear time ... and how they find their way back to a life together, here at this time, on the beautiful Gaea Star.

ong ago and far away, two remarkable souls were at their wits end with the civilizations they were serving. One of the partners was in an incarnation on one side of the Milky Way Galaxy ... the other in a spiraling arm of millions of stars in a dense cluster, on the opposite side of the galaxy.

Lonely, heartbroken, lost with seemingly nothing left but to go within, one of the lovers falls into sweet silence and descends into his own inner depths ... actually hoping to pass away to end his misery.

Down, down he falls into the deep blue of cosmic silence, within. Eternity seems to pass. Nothing — sweet nothing. This is just what he wanted.

Then, without effort ... out of the deep blue ... a part of his own essential energy seems to form a mysterious, heart-breaking prayer. Imbued with sweet sadness, the prayer sounds a bit like the distant cry of a gray whale, but it undoubtedly originates from his very own heart. And yet, it is feminine.

He listens with infinite patience. Finally it dawns on him: It is the voice of a goddess! Perhaps the Goddess of Love?

The sound rising out of the deep blue ... faint, barely heard ... soft, so gentle, he hears ...

... ssssooooooooooulllinnnnnndaaaaaaaaaa ...............

Then ... more silence from the heart of the deep blue.

Not knowing what it is — only knowing that it feels so good — he keeps listening in silent wonder. Ever so gently ... here it comes again ...

... sssssssooooooooooooooooulllinnnnnndaaaaaaaaa ...............

Absorbed in love, his presence transfixed in stillness, the sound of “sssooooulllinnndaaaa” comes in waves.

“Soulinda!” he says, out loud. “What music is this? How can a single word nourish my spirit and sound so beautiful?”

To the end of his days during this particular incarnation, “Soulinda” becomes his mantra, his prayer. And, by the way, he goes on to pick himself up and begin life anew. He creates several inspiring inventions in the field of horticulture and a new musical instrument that go on to greatly assist the human culture that he serves.

pon the passing of his physical form, and ascending into a new body made of light, it is revealed to him that there is something much more to the beautiful word “Soulinda.”

He is given a holographic image of a divine goddess, radiant with the purest love that he has ever known, and he instantly knows that it is her: Soulinda! Sacred goose bumps ring throughout his being as he is electrified with the understanding that Soulinda is his partner.

He instantly remembers that they came from galaxies far away towards the center of the Universe, and they have purposely journeyed together, here — to the beautiful Milky Way — to assist in the evolution and upliftment of human civilizations. Indeed, he remembers that in the normal process of merging with human families in the physical dimension, there is a forgetting process that happens and souls do not remember their sacred origins. This happens so that they may become part of the very fabric of the human cultures that they are volunteering to help. But, in the normal flow of evolution, there is a waking-up for souls on noble missions such as these, and he realizes that he is now at the early stages of remembering his true nature as a God Fragment — a spiritual particle of the Creator of the Universe — an immortal, unlimited soul.

Sensing the larger picture unfolding, he now knows that he must find this goddess, Soulinda. From the core of his being, he knows that he must become united with her in the physical dimension ... as their missions must go on, together. And so, going within, he simply aligns all the currents of his energy with the idea, the prayer of “Soulinda,” for he knows that what a being loves is pulled to one’s Self by the Law of Attraction.

But, Soulinda is far away ... thousands of light years, and she is involved with helping another civilization. Furthermore, he must play-along with the blueprints of evolution that are set-up for the evolving civilizations that he, Soulinda, and their soul family — the Family of Light — are serving.

ence, to get to his beloved Soulinda ... well, the journey may seem long by physical standards: It will take from 7 to 12 incarnations and 6,000 years of linear time to make his way along the spiraling arms of the galaxy. He must hop from star system to star system and incarnate into the 3D worlds that human civilizations call home ... before he finally intersects with a time, space and incarnation in which Soulinda and he will be together in physical forms.

Without hesitation ... off he goes on the journey to her.

He decides on his next mission and the first-hand 3D experiences that he would like to have. At this particular moment, he is in a body made of pure light in what is known as the 5th Dimension. While in this level of existence, one is able to select physical incarnations and see the many potentials available to the human instrument as well as the cultures that desire incarnations from members of the Family of Light.

He makes a decision and confirms his next journey into physical worlds. He accepts a mission to visit the beautiful garden planet named Floretta to serve a civilization called the Hu. Once he is ready and his reincarnational pathway prepared by his personal guides, angels and Emissary ... like a sacred arrow, he is automatically propelled in a long glowing arc to Floretta and his destiny.

Brilliant suns and exploding nebulas go by as he races on and on to his next incarnation ... knowing that within six thousand years of linear time, and in a different physical body on a distant planet — the unspeakably beautiful Gaea Star Crystal (known to us as Earth — a crown jewel of planetary life in the Milky Way) — he knows that he will one day be standing in the grace, the beauty, the tenderness, the presence of his Beloved ...

“Soooulllinnndaaaa ... ... ...

... I’m on my way.”

And on he goes ...



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