You called me from within
I’ve felt your pulse
within me
for lifetimes
I did not know
it was your presence
for I thought
it was me
I thought
it was the highest
most loving version
of my very own
Heart of my heart,
you called me
from within
You called me
from a distant spiraling arm
of the Milky Way
Your quickening pulse
inside my Self
caused me to rise up
from the darkness of
the physical dimensions
and soar into the realms
of the stars
Your love called me
to continue on to other life times
allowing the sacred energy that is you
to manifest its grace and beauty
inside my soul
as I traveled from
star to star,
world to world,
civilization to civilization,
on my way
to you
I found you
we are together
in physical form
on the beautiful
Gaea Star

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