Searching for the Goddess of Light
Goddess of Light
Giver of Wisdom
you are the North Star
of my soul.
Following the trail
of your radiant form
I’ve searched worlds
of beauty and chaos
for you.
From lifetime to lifetime,
star to star, world to world,
through torrential storms,
great wildernesses and
primitive civilizations,
I passed through them all
in search of you.
At times you were just a memory
— a precious fragrance embraced —
and that was enough for me!
Onward I went into countless unknowns
always in search of you.
Finally, I had searched
the entire cosmos for you.
There was no where else to go.
Heartbroken, I went inwards
thinking that you were truly lost.
But, in the infinite inner silence
and the Creator’s saving grace
I lifted my vision to find new
worlds within that had
not been searched before.
A new hope arose in me!
Working on the inner canvas,
and with help of invisible spirits,
I fashioned a piece of visual poetry
that held my most essential
memory of you.
When completed, I cast it into
the inner and outer Universes
as a beacon ... a homing beacon.
“If only you would see it,”
I prayed to Source,
“it would let you know
that I am here for you.”
Goddess of Light
Giver of Wisdom
you saw my poem
and quickly pulled me
to you.
Lost in love
I’ve now returned
to my Beloved’s
sweet embrace.
The trails are long,
the storms are great,
the missions are meaningful,
but nothing compares
to you.

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