Gone are the days
Gone are the days
wandering from star to star
in search of you.
I lost you long ago
in the exploding nebulas
of expanding Creation.
Finally, I ran out of clues
as to where you might be
and what direction to go.
I seemed to be at the end
of my journey, for my resources
were low and the brilliant light
of my soul was but an ember.
As my light faded into a soft glow
I plummeted into the dark loneliness
on a final journey to disappear
With nothing left
all I could do was surrender.
And so I pressed my heart
to the Silence of the Universe
for the final time.
Then, ever so softly
out of the infinite stillness:
boom-boom ... boom-boom ...
Waking from the gathering slumber
I asked “Could this be?”
Falling back into stillness
I listened once again.
Here ... here it comes:
boom-boom ... boom-boom ...
Yes. That is it!
boom-boom ... boom-boom ...
It was the song of your heart
calling me home.

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