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Angelic Being
Creating Personal Reality
Creating Personal Reality

Introduction to the Creation of Personal Reality

The "outside" is experienced in your Inner Hologram
u are a Creator, an offspring of the Creator of the Universe. Your existence in the physical world is not all there is to your total reality, for you are also present in nonphysical dimensions as well. In fact, the far greater part of your Whole Self — is of a spiritual and quantum nature. This is true for all human beings.

In this context we can say that humanity is a race of Creators who live in and are part of the infinitely well-orchestrated, multidimensional, quantum field-based universe.

The quantum field is always listening and responding to you

Your thoughts and feelings are not isolated elements that you alone have created and have kept to yourself — they are entangled, energetic impulses that fan-out and interact with the universal quantum field, the environment, and other beings (who can be anywhere on the planet).

The invisible quantum field is nothing materially and all things potentially. The entire physical universe and all realities and dimensions are continually being born and supported by it. Therefore, all the particles of your being have their existence in the invisible, universal quantum field, and, the quantum field is forever listening to you. It is constantly reacting, adjusting, replying to you and reflecting what you are saying, thinking, believing, not believing, imagining, dreaming and feeling. It responds to the sum total of your vibrations — what you are offering the Universe in this eternal moment — be it good, bad, indifferent or anything in between. The way the quantum field responds to what you are offering it, is by forming custom-made environments within and around you, for you to experience. You call those environments “reality” as they compose your life and all that you experience. These custom-made environments are a match to your current vibrations or to those of your past that you are still energetically supporting.
“Whatever you’re thinking about
is literally like planning a future event.
When you’re worrying, you are planning.
When you’re appreciating you are planning ...
What are you planning?”

“Never mind what-is. Imagine it the way
you want it to be so that your vibration is a
match to your desire. When your vibration is
a match to your desire, all things in your
experience will gravitate to meet
that match every time.”


by Esther & Jerry Hicks

You are co-creating with other Creators in an
intelligent, unified, super-orchestrated universe

Furthermore, you are not an island, but you are co-creating personal and group realities with other Creators ... so that whole groups of you to can experience, share and explore the same realities. Everything from heaven to hell is created and experienced in this way.

  “Awaken, dear friends, within this dream and realize that it is your duty and responsibility as human beings to imagine and visualize a safe world. It will be as you decree, and your own experience will thus reflect it.”

The Pleiadians

by Barbara Marciniak


“I have given you the heritage of
My Love. I have given you this experience. I have created you with the very same ability that I have. I have made you what I am. So you, My beloved ones, have the ability to join in the Moment of Creation.”

Say Yes to Love

by Yael & Doug Powell

The internal begets the external

Hence, the ever-changing reality of your life is something that you have helped create, and is a reflection of your thoughts, feelings, dreams, beliefs, doubts, memories, hopes, fears, and subtlest vibrations. In the sequencing of Creation the internal begets the external. In other words:
personal reality is created from the inside-out.

Eventually, each Creator comes to realize that when she changes her thoughts and feelings, the personal reality that she is experiencing transforms as well, as sooner or later it adjusts to reflect her inner changes. She realizes that somehow the universe is mirroring her thoughts and feelings.

This realization is the beginning of the process to stop creating personal reality by default (unconsciously), but to actually be the master of the creation process and form personal realities that are more harmonious in nature and in-tune with the highest desires and vision of the soul.

Creators envision the future ...
and the quantum field responds

The apocalypse has been canceled.

The vision of the future that I align with, sees a beautiful symphony of humankind’s love, ideas, psyches, wisdoms, cultures, healing, technology and new mythology. The orchestration will reach a level of complexity and coherence whereby doors will open that reveal new abilities to work in unison and do realistic, purposeful,
reality engineering via the re-imaging of our society, culture and purpose.

Do you think it is possible to align our energies to a most desirable future? I do.

Can we summon the vision, thoughts and feelings of such a future to us? I’m certain we can.

The collective minds and hearts of humankind are a vehicle of First Source, and as such we are innately endowed with ITS exploratory virtuosity. With this as our guidance system, we can see, feel, and experience a reflection of the Golden Age long prophesied — here and now! — and give that vision a sheltered, nourishing place to grow in the incubator of our Personal Inner Holograms. In fact .... it is the task that we have come here to do as Creators and midwives of our future.
“From the Non-physical,
you created you, and now from the physical,
you continue to create, and we are nothing
if we are not Flow-ers of Energy. We must
have objects of attention, that are ringing
our bells, in order to feel the fullness of
who we are, flowing through us,
for the continuation of All-That-Is.
That is what puts the eternalness
in eternity.”


by Esther & Jerry Hicks


“We counsel that everything is possible if one keeps
their thoughts clear + concise without the additives
of unnecessary drama and scattered focus.

If you are wanting to manifest a scenario then
be sure your focus is clear and the intent pure.

All of your thoughts will manifest to physical
so be concise and direct especially with yourself.
In this way you will get what you desire.

The rub is that it must evolve your spirit in
some way. If it doesn’t it will not manifest.
Your Higher Self will see to that.”

— Veronica —

Veronica is a wise, eloquent, joyful, non-physical being
who speaks through April Crawford in much the same way that
the entity know as Seth
spoke through Jane Roberts.
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