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Visionary Art Greeting Cards. Buy a beautiful Soul Connection Greeting Card pdf ONLY ONCE ... for $3.33. Print it as many times as you want, Make 1, 10, 20 ... hundreds and thousands of cards or more! For nonprofit purposes only.
Visionary Art Greeting Cards

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Infinite Being
Infinite Being
Visionary art by Teka Luttrell

ach pdf contains the same artwork on two sizes of greeting cards. Print the card that is your favorite ... or the card that fits into the envelopes that you have on hand.

The visionary artwork in the cards are perfect for clear, crisp printing. The cover art on every card is high-resolution, 300 dpi. The inside of the cards are blank.

Print page 2 of the pdf (example on left, above) to make a 5” by 7” card that fits into a standard greeting card envelope that is 5-1/4” by 7-1/4”.

Print page 3 of the pdf (example on right, above) to make a smaller and narrower 3-3/8” by 6-1/4” card that fits into a standard small letter envelope.


  Make your own greeting cards
  1. Use your best and thickest photo printing paper.
  2. Set the printer so that it prints in high resolution.
  3. Print ... then cut along dashed lines.
  4. Fold in half.
Your essence is a magical, quantum, eternal, Spiritual Being.

You are Soul ... a particle of the Creator of the Universe, and you appear in multiple bodies, lifetimes, dreams and dimensions ... simultaneously.
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